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The notch will be removed in the iPhone 14, but there is a catch


The iPhone 14 Pro will no longer have a notch, but the ordinary iPhone 14 will not.

The iPhone 14 Pro, which is expected to be released this autumn, might finally remove the notch from the display, but the same may not be true for the normal iPhone 14.

Display Supply Chain Consultants’ Ross Young said that the iPhone 14 Pro is anticipated to dispense with the notch entirely in favour of twin display cutouts for the front facing camera and Face ID sensors. iPhone 14’s notch is anticipated to remain in place, with basic iPhones only slated to ditch the notch in 2023.


In one claim, the iPhone 13 Pro is said to have two cuts, one circular and the other in the form of a pill, both of which would purportedly span the same width as the present iPhone 13 notch. However, as cutouts you’ll still gain some additional display area back, especially near the top of the screen.

This isn’t the first time Young has made this assertion, and he isn’t the only one. But the fact that he’s doubling down on the notion is good news for the credibility of this allegation.

However, the iPhone 14’s normal notch design will continue to be used. In fact, Young predicts that all variants of Apple’s next iPhone 15 will use a dual-cutout design, thus this may be the final notched-screen iPhone. As a result, it may even have shrunk somewhat from the original iPhone 14 Pro edition.


Apple is reportedly planning to bury Face ID behind the display of future iPhones after the iPhone 15. According to Young, the design of the display screen will have to be reworked. However, a process known as “cathode patterning” is the most promising and can currently be mass produced by a single source.

Apple’s Peek Performance event is scheduled to take place later today, and it’s possible that the iPhone SE (2022) and a number of other new gadgets may be shown. Keep an eye on our live blog of the Apple event for any updates. Source


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