The iPhone 14 leak questions many previous rumors


So, there is no iPhone 14 Max?

Henry Fonda is one dissident voice in the throng in the famous movie 12 Angry Men, trying to get the other characters to reevaluate their preconceived notions. And a new Fonda is in town when it comes to iPhone 14 leaks.

The iPhone 14 Max is rumored to have the same specifications as the standard model but a larger display. In fact, we’ve heard so many people say that this phone is coming that we’ve stopped doubting its veracity. But perhaps that will alter in the future.


There will be a new iPhone 14 model, according to Korean leaker lanzuk, who has a mixed but typically reliable track record. His assertion was made in a post on the social media website Naver(opens in new tab). Lanzuk claims that an iPhone 14 Plus, not a Max, will be released soon.

With a 6.7-inch display, it appears to be the same kind of phone as the Max was anticipated to be, with the name being the only difference.

If true, this would mark the first time since the iPhone 8 Plus that Apple has used this suffix for an iPhone, but it is still used for other products like Apple TV Plus.


One major leaker who has previously discussed the 14 Max and who has a similar track record to lanzuk, ShrimpApplePro(opens in new tab), has already spoken out against this leak.

Analysis: what’s in a name?

What’s a name worth? Not much often, but in this instance, possibly a lot.

Seeing as how many iPhone 14 rumors have indicated the Max name, if they prove to be false, it suggests that many of the details they have revealed may also be false.


The next phone might not have the same specifications as the base model, and the prices we’ve heard for it might also be wrong.

Like Henry Fonda’s character in 12 Angry Men, the purpose of this leak is to make us question what we previously believed to be true, and it certainly succeeded.

Now, we’re going to take every rumor about the iPhone 14 Max or Plus with a grain of salt because it could not actually be the finest iPhone yet.


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