Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 new colors are tipped


These are possible color options for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

Evan “Evleaks” Blass on Twitter may have just unveiled the colors of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 range (opens in new tab).

The identities and codenames of the three speculated models in the Galaxy Watch 5 series have been revealed in a tweet from a mystery source, according to a tweet from Blass. The “Heart-S” and “Heart-L” versions of the Galaxy Watch 5, which are available in small and large sizes, appear to be available in either silver or graphite.


There are rumors that each of the two sizes will receive its own distinct hue. The smaller (40mm) model is said to be pink gold, while the larger (44mm) model is said to be sapphire (expected to be 44mm).

Meanwhile, a “Project X” version of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is expected to be offered in either gray or black titanium. There have been rumors that Samsung is working on a new high-end variant of the Galaxy Watch that will feature a larger battery and sapphire glass for increased durability.

All three Galaxy Watch 5 models are expected to have 10W charging, which is twice as powerful as the current 5W charging seen on the Galaxy Watch 4 range. If Samsung adds body temperature sensors to the Watch 5, the judgment is still out on whether or not this feature will be included.

In terms of smartwatches, the Galaxy Watch 4 is already second only to the Apple Watch 7. It’s possible that the Galaxy Watch 5 will rank similarly high when it’s released, thanks to these expected enhancements plus a new, more expensive model.

If you’re interested in purchasing this new timepiece, be on the lookout for announcements regarding the launch event, which is expected to take place on August 10th. Check out our Apple Watch 8 Rumor Hub if you don’t know if you want to go with Samsung’s current model or the future generation of Apple wearables.


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