iPad Pro 2022 rumored: Everything we know so far


A look at the iPad Pro 2022’s current state of knowledge

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Even if Apple’s Peek Performance event in March only saw the release of a new iPad Air 5, we predict an iPad Pro in 2022.

Even so, Apple has made yearly updates to its high-end tablet since its debut (excluding 2019). We can’t wait to see what Apple has in store for us in 2022, following the release of the iPad Pro last year. There aren’t many rumors floating around right now. With a possible debut date imminent, we’ll be hearing much more about the new iPad Pro soon.


All that we know about the iPad Pro 2022, as well as a wishlist in the event that Apple is feeling generous, are included here.

iPad Pro 2022 design 

For the iPad Pro range in 2022, the 11-inch and 12.9-inch sizes are projected to be available again. We’ve heard a few rumored design tweaks for the iPad Pro 2022 so far.

The iPad Pro could get a notch, just like the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and, possibly, the MacBook Pro 2021. Although according to 9to5Mac(opens in new tab), Apple is exploring this move, but the decision hasn’t been made yet.


FaceID verification on the iPad Pro necessitates a large camera area, so a notch may be more appropriate here than on the company’s high-end laptops. Even if adding a notch results in even narrower bezels, it is likely to be unpopular.

In addition to the glass back, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has mentioned the possibility of wireless charging. Apple’s non-SE iPhones have had this feature for some time, but there are rumors that it will be able to recharge other devices, such as your iPhone, Apple Watch, or AirPods, via reverse-wireless charging. Supposed long-term goal of devices charging each other over the air (though that’s years away) sounds like a step forward in that direction.

Despite the fact that Apple is said to be working on a 15-inch iPad, the larger panel is said to be at least a couple of years away from being made by its display components partner BOE. As for the iPad 2022 model, a 14-inch version is possible, according to one leaker. In addition to having a larger display, this device may come preloaded with greater storage and RAM, which would improve overall performance.


OLED screens for the iPad Pro, according to reports, will not be available until 2024. In other words, the 11-inch LCD model and the tiny LED 12.9-inch model will be the same as the 2021 editions.

iPad Pro 2022 specs 

The smaller 11-inch iPad Pro tablet is expected to use mini-LED screen technology, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and a leak from a reliable source. Despite the fact that it was introduced in 2021, the capability was only available on the more expensive 12.9-inch devices. More people will get the benefit of deeper blacks and increased brightness thanks to this change.

Ross Young, a display analyst, says an 11-inch iPad Pro with a mini-LED display is highly implausible. If the 12.9-inch model is doing well enough, Apple will probably want to preserve the functionality on its most costly tablet.


According to a separate rumor from 9to5Mac(opens in new tab), Apple’s upcoming M2 processor could power the iPad Pro. Both the MacBook Air 2022 and the entry-level MacBook Pro 2022 have the Apple M2 processor, which was revealed at WWDC 2022. However, according to analyst Jeff Pu’s predictions about Apple’s new 3-nanometre chip being used in an iPad later this year, we may even see an M2 Pro iPad Pro.

A similar camera arrangement to the iPhone 13 could be included in the iPad Pro 2022, according to a report from 9to5Mac, resulting in high-quality images and video effects like “Cinematic mode.” In addition, we’ve heard rumors that the upcoming iPad Pro could include wireless charging capability, which would be a pleasant addition.

iPad Pro 2022 possible release date and price 

According to Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg journalist, the iPad Pro 2022 is expected to be released in the fall of this year. Since prior iPad Pro versions were unveiled and released in the fall, this would make sense.


As for the iPad Pro 2022 pricing, you can anticipate another premium product—and we predict the 11-inch model to see at least the same $100 price increase as the 12.9-inch model did last year, if the rumored mini-LED display is added.

In this case, the tablet would cost $899 for the 11-inch model and $1,099 for the 12.9-inch one. For those who want a 2TB 12.9-inch with 5G connectivity, the price now stands at $2,199, which is just the starting price.

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iPad Pro 2022: What we’d like to see 

On the face of it, the iPad Pro is an amazing device, and we’d be hard-pressed to think of any severe flaws that require immediate attention. However, we do have a list of things we’d want to see.

However, it’s worth noting that the 12.9-inch iPad Pro “only” lasted for eleven hours and 48 minutes in our web browsing test, while the 11-inch device lasted for 13:42. I expect that larger cells will be used to compensate if the mini-LED screen consumes more power than the IPS panel and both are using the former this time around.

There are presently only two color options for the iPad Pro: space grey and silver. Colorful iPad Pros would be good to have, as Apple has recently experimented with a larger selection of colors for both the iPhone 13 and the 24-inch iMac.


At this moment, the iPad Pro is at its most impressive when paired with two first-party accessories: the Apple Pencil for doodles and the Smart Keyboard to turn it into an iPad replacement. This is unlikely to change any time soon because of how much money Apple gets from selling these supplementary accessories separately.

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