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New iPhone SE benchmarks demonstrate big boost in performance


The new phone outperformed the previous model by a wide margin.

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According to the first leaked benchmarks, Apple’s new iPhone SE is far quicker than the previous model.

iPhone SE single and multi-core Geekbench scores of 1695 and 4021 have been released. If you’re curious about where the A13 and A15 compare in terms of performance, Apple’s second-generation iPhone SE scores 1312 and 2819.


In terms of performance, the new iPhone SE is just a few hundredths of a second below Apple’s greatest iPhone, the iPhone 13. It has a single-core score of 1672, but a multi-core score of 4481, making it one of the best in its class. Following up on a rumour from last Wednesday, today’s Geekbench results indicate that the iPhone SE has four times as much RAM as the previous model.

Apple’s new iPhone SE, along with the iPhone 13 colour, iPad Air, Mac Studio, and a new Studio Display, was presented during the company’s March event on Tuesday. Apple has released a statement that reads, “

In an iconic style, the iPhone SE is a powerful new iPhone with remarkable features and performance at an unbelievable price point, introduced today by Apple, Together with iOS 15, the iPhone SE offers a smooth user experience in a small and sturdy package. The A15 Bionic processor in the new iPhone SE enables improved camera functionality and enhances practically every aspect of the user experience, from picture editing to power-hungry activities like gaming and augmented reality. As well as 5G, a longer battery life and increased durability the iPhone SE is available in three eye-catching colours: midnight, starlight and RED. Pre-orders for the iPhone SE will begin on Friday, March 11, and the device will go on sale on Friday, March 18.


Benchmarks are useful for comparing the performance of one device to another, but they have limited use in the actual world. In terms of gaming performance, image processing for photography, and futureproofing of the device to assure long-term software support up to and beyond iOS 15, upgrading from the previous iPhone SE 3 to the new A15 processor will have a bigger difference.

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