Microsoft Teams just reported to get games — wait, is this a good idea?


Teams could see the arrival of casual games.

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For the Microsoft Teams video calling service, Microsoft is currently developing casual games. Games including solitaire, connect four, and wordament have been tested in Teams, according to The Verge(opens in new tab). The Redmond, Washington-based computer company appears to want to make Teams meetings more fun for employees by incorporating games they can play together. Is this, however, a wise move?

Microsoft’s Casual Games(opens in new tab) catalog is said to be the source of the games currently available in Teams. As a result, you shouldn’t count on your squad to participate in games developed by the corporation, such as Halo Infinite or Forza Horizon 5. Since the feature is still being evaluated, businesses and consumers should not expect to see it. Microsoft declined to comment when contacted by The Verge about its intentions.


One of Microsoft’s next features is a Teams virtual environment where coworkers can mingle and network using games, according to Verge. Teams’ “Together Mode” hopes to include 3D avatars into meetings in order to make them more fun and engaging.

Microsoft has added new features to Teams in response to the outbreak of the global pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns. Because so many individuals have been compelled to work from home, this makes sense. However, Microsoft is still working to make Microsoft Teams a more welcoming virtual environment, even as the world transitions to hybrid work.

While Microsoft’s efforts are commendable, we must evaluate the value of gaming on Teams. As for me, I’m not sure if I’m the only one who leaves meetings as soon as they end. Although I enjoy working with my coworkers, I have no intention of staying any longer than is absolutely necessary. If participants are playing video games during meetings, it’s probable that the meetings will be ineffective or go on longer than necessary.


With that being said, it is possible to use games on Teams to meet new people or to have a virtual happy hour at the office. Conclusion: Using Microsoft Teams to develop games is an interesting concept on paper, but I’m not convinced it will work in practice.

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