PS5 Pro controller tipped to launch soon — here’s what it’ll include


According to a reputable leaker, Pro controllers for the PS5 are expected to be released by Sony soon.

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It has been stated by a credible source that Sony is currently working on an official PS5 Pro controller, which is expected to be released “soon.”

The PS5 Pro controller is real, according to Tom Henderson of Try Hard Guides (opens in new tab), who claims to have seen prototype photographs of the premium pad, but he can’t share them with the public just yet.


By Henderson’s estimation, the deluxe controller will retain the fundamental form of the PS5 DualSense controller, but it will have several new functions. Analog sticks, trigger stops, and back buttons can all be removed. Because he calls them “flappy paddles,” we can assume they will resemble the back paddles on the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller in appearance and functionality.

Pro controller users will be able to swap out the analog sticks for ones of a different shape or texture, or even swap them out in the event of stick drift. Some kind of grips are also expected to be included in the controller.

Sony is said to have numerous pieces of gear to show off at the end of the month, according to the same anonymous source, including a controller. There are no plans for a PS5 Pro, according to Henderson, who is quick to reject any speculation about a future system from Sony.


The PS5 Pro controller is still just speculation, but it would make sense for Sony to put out a version of the controller for the PS5. Since 2015, Microsoft has been selling the Xbox Elite Controller, which was updated in 2019 with a new Series 2 design. As a result of the Xbox Elite’s hefty price tag, Sony has decided to manufacture its own console controller, the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Officially licensed PS4 and PS5 Pro Controllers from third parties like SCUF and NACON have been available while waiting for Sony to release an official choice. After a long wait, they may finally be able to fulfill their dream shortly.


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