Microsoft Edge defeats Google Chrome in a key market


Is Microsoft Edge the business web browser?

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Microsoft’s main service is gaining ground in a key area, fresh data reveals, despite Google Chrome’s dominance in the web browser rankings.

Microsoft Edge is the most used web browser in the workplace, according to a poll of 3,000 employees by TechRadar Pro and Perimeter 81. (37.77 percent ).


In the corporate world, Microsoft Edge’s share is significantly bigger than that of Google Chrome’s (33.01 percent), despite the fact that Chrome has a market share of just over a third.

Microsoft Edge faces an uphill struggle
As a result of the discontinuation of Edge Legacy and Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s Edge user base has grown dramatically since its relaunch in early 2020.

The company’s new Windows 11 operating system, a steady stream of feature upgrades, and reinvigorated marketing efforts have failed to have a substantial impact on Microsoft’s market share.


However, new data reveals that Edge has overtaken Firefox in the rankings, although it remains well behind Safari’s 18 percent share and Chrome’s 65 percent share on iOS and Android.

A lot of Microsoft’s stated aims are unlikely to have won over new users to the new browser.

A policy that imposed an excessive amount of friction in the process of changing the default browser recently had to be rescinded due to complaints from users.


Additionally, Microsoft was criticized by the community for its efforts to prohibit URLs accessed via its own services (such as Windows 11 widgets, the Start Menu, etc.) from opening in any other browser besides Edge.

Microsoft, on the other hand, will be buoyed by the fact that Edge has become the browser of choice in the corporate sector, indicating that the company’s efforts to focus on security are paying off.

As an example, in the previous year, the firm has improved the in-built password manager, added an integrated VPN service, and launched a “Super Duper Secure mode” to protect against browser-based assaults.


It will be necessary for Microsoft Edge to establish a claim to a certain niche or use case in order to compete with the market leaders. Maybe there is one out there in the corporate world.

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