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Daily Wordle answer and hints — solution #381, Tuesday, July 5


Here is Wordle #381. We’ll provide you with some suggestions and the solution.

Phew! Compared to some recent riddles, today’s Wordle solution is a little simpler. The NYT’s WordleBot tool reports that users are answering it in an average of 4.1 guesses, making it far simpler than the majority of the recent puzzles.

However, it doesn’t follow that you won’t find certain tips useful. After all, a Wordle failure is never more than six guesses away.


I have many Wordle tips and tactics to share because I have played every Wordle so far and have only lost once. Additionally, I looked for commonalities in every Wordle response and found some additional suggestions for you there. You should also look at my What is Wordle? guide if you’re new to the game.

I’ll be adding advice to this page every day to assist you in discovering the Wordle solution for that day. If the tips aren’t sufficient, I’ll even provide the answer in case you’re really confused or simply don’t have enough time to finish the puzzle for today. In case you’re viewing this in a different time zone, I’ve also included my interpretation of yesterday’s puzzle, #380.

There are Game #381 spoilers ahead, so beware. Only continue reading if you want to learn today’s Wordle solution!



My first tip is that you should use one of the best Wordle start words for every game you play. But if you want some more specific clues to today’s Wordle answer then here you go:

  • It contains two vowels*
  • It has no repeated letters
  • It starts with a fairly common starting letter

* By vowel I’m meaning A, E, I, O, U. There are other letters that are sometimes considered to be vowels, depending on how they are used. 

Those hints should get you at least some of the way towards finding today’s Wordle answer. If not, then you can read on for a bigger clue; or, if you just want to know the answer, then skip down further for that.


Alright then, here’s my final hint: Today’s Wordle answer is an open space.

OK, it’s time to scroll down for the answer…


So, what is today’s Wordle answer for game #381?


Drumroll please — it’s FIELD.

Ah, well this one wasn’t so bad, right? WordleBot is reporting an average of 4.1 for it — which is a full half a guess below yesterday’s answer of SEVER (see below), and also less than other recent puzzles such as EGRET (4.4), HUTCH (4.5) and (5). 

There’s no sign of ‘Wordle 381 X’ trending on Twitter yet, but I am seeing a few people losing their streaks, mainly due to the too-many-options thing. That’s understandable, because -IELD has three solutions: WIELD, YIELD and FIELD. Therefore if you play on hard mode and didn’t reach the -IELD stage until late on, you might have missed out here.


I can’t see any other big dangers here, though. It’s a very common word — 439th in Word and Phrase Info(opens in new tab)’s rankings, making it one of the most frequently used terms in the English language. 

And there are no real issues with the letters, either. As I show in my analysis of every Wordle answer, three of the five — E, I and L — are in the top 10 most common Wordle letters overall, while D is at 13th and F at 19th. That makes it sound like F is uncommon, but it jumps right up to 7th when used at the start of a word. D, meanwhile, is the eighth most likely ending letter — so if you played letters in their most likely places, you’ll probably have done OK here.

My game didn’t get off to a particularly good start, with STARE, my choice of the best Wordle start words, only turning up a single yellow E. That left me with 115 possible solutions — although anyone playing WordleBot’s favored CRANE had even more options, with 127 to choose from.


I toyed with several options for my second guess. CHIEF would have been a good option, as it gets an I in there along with fairly common C and H, and I also considered BEING, LINED and BENCH. But in the end I went with BLEND, because L, N and D are all very common consonants in general, and particularly common at the end of a word, where I knew the E couldn’t go. 

This worked out very nicely indeed, giving me a green E and D, a yellow L and cutting my options down from 115 to just three. WordleBot would have gone with LINED, but while that would have also cut things down to three possible solutions, it isn’t a valid answer (though it is a valid guess), so there was no chance it would have let me score a 2/6. I think I beat WordleBot with this choice.

I could see that there were really only three options left, because there was no way the word was going to have the format L-E-D; only vowels can sit between an L and an E at the start of a word, and LIE-D, LOE-D and LUE-D didn’t appear to have any solutions.


So I was looking at -IELD, and therefore YIELD, FIELD or WIELD. Or was I? Because I remembered that we’d already had YIELD, back in game #330. I couldn’t recall having FIELD or WIELD, though, so I figured I had a 50/50, and FIELD was always going to be my choice — partly because F is much more common at the start of a word than W, but also because FIELD is just a more common word in general. 

My hunch proved correct and I solved today’s Wordle in 3/6. And as a nice aside, WordleBot needed 5/6 to solve it — so take that, NYT!

Interestingly (to me at least), I looked back over game #330 afterwards and it turns out I played exactly the same words in the same order then, nearly two months ago: STARE > BLEND > FIELD (and then YIELD). I wasn’t aware I’d done that at the time — I couldn’t recall how I’d got to YIELD, merely that it had been a previous answer — so it turns out I’m just incredibly predictable! 


Anyway, let me know how you did in the comments or via email(opens in new tab) — and if you have already got in touch then apologies for the delay in replying, you will get a response soon (honest)!


Reading this in a time zone where it’s still Monday? The Wordle answer for game #380 was SEVER.

I don’t quite know what to make of this one. WordleBot is reporting an average of 4.6 for it, which is really high. In fact, that theoretically makes it tougher than the likes of EGRET (4.4), HUTCH (4.5) and DROLL (4.3), albeit not quite as bad as GAWKY (5). But in some ways, it’s hard to see why it’s causing such problems.


As a word, it’s certainly a fairly common one. Word and Phrase Info (opens in new tab) ranks it at 9,142nd in terms of most frequently used English words, and anything inside the top 10,000 is generally in pretty widespread use. It’s not an obscure word like EGRET, at any rate.

The letters aren’t uncommon either, with one obvious exception. As I show in my analysis of every Wordle answer, V is way down in 22nd place in terms of most frequently used letters in the game, above only Z, X, Q and J. Only 152 games feature a V — around one in every 15 games — and ever fewer have one in position #3 (just 49).

But the V aside, there’s no real problem with the letters. Obviously there’s a repeated E too, but we also had one of those in EGRET on Saturday, and they’re not that uncommon, occurring in 172 answers. Yes, there’s more chance of getting a repeated E than there is of getting a single V. The S, meanwhile, is the most common of all starting letters by a massive margin, while R is the fourth most common ending letter. Oh, and ER is the most common of all ending combinations. 


The big problem here, then, is likely to be the sheer number of potential answers, particularly if your choice of the best Wordle start words didn’t give you a head start.

That’s clear in the difference between my game and WordleBot’s: my opening guess, STARE, left me with just 14 possible solutions, whereas anyone leading with Wordle’s favored CRANE had 122 to pick from.

With a green S plus yellow E and R from my first guess, my streak was never in danger today. I worked through the possibilities and came up with 14 options: SERIF, SERUM, SERVO, SHRED, SCREW, SHREW, SIREN, SIRED, SEWER, SEVER, SHEER, SNEER, SUPER, SOBER.


However, a subsequent look at WordleBot tells me that I’d missed three: SKIER, SOWER and SURER. My options of SERVO, SIRED and SHRED, meanwhile, weren’t actual Wordle answers (although I imagine all would have been accepted as guesses).

Those discrepancies between ‘my’ words and the actual possible answers didn’t make any difference to the way my game played out, though — because my second word, SNEER, was in both lists. Why did I choose it? Well, four of my words contained two Es, so I had a hunch that the answer might fit that pattern. And even if it didn’t, playing two of them would help me narrow down where a single E went, pointing the way to ever an ER ending or an E in position #2 or #3.

In the event, SNEER confirmed that I was looking for an ER word, and that there was a second E in position #2. That left me with a 50/50 — SEWER or SEVER. I could have gone either way with this one, but I figured there was more chance of SEVER being an answer than SEWER, so went with that and got lucky.


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