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Get Right Wordle answer — game #266, Saturday, March 12, 2022


Wordle #266 has arrived. So, what’s the answer?

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After yesterday’s WATCH, we’re back to business as usual in today’s Wordle response. It’s not a simple question to answer, but it’s not impossible either. It’s going to be a huge relief.

Let me give you a little push in the correct direction, however, and you’ll thank me later.


I’ll be adding new information to this post each day to assist you in locating the correct Wordle solution for the current day. If you get stuck or just don’t have the time to finish today’s problem, I’ll even offer you the answer. However, there should be no cheating.

There are spoilers coming for game #266, so be warned! If you want to discover today’s Wordle answer, please continue reading!

Helpful hints are included in today’s Wordle answer, #266.

It’s not as complex as yesterday’s Wordle solution, but it’s hardly a stroll in the park either. What you’re looking at is an average Wordle, with a distribution of 26% to a 66%.


A few tips, even if you start with one of the most popular Wordle terms, are always a good idea. So, here are a few hints to help you get started.

  • It has two vowels in it.
  • These two vowels do not begin or conclude the word.

In order to have a better idea of what’s going on, continue reading. Also, if you’re simply looking for the solution, you can find it a little farther down the page.

Throughout the meanwhile, here’s one more hint: the Wordle solution for today is a term you will undoubtedly encounter in the course of the day.


Maybe it’s not that mysterious after all. It will all make sense in due time. For those who only want the solution, keep reading…

Saturday, March 12th, 2019 – Wordle Answer No. 266

Wordle game #266 has a new winner!

There will be no more delays – it’s, uh, today.


According to Word and Phrase Info, TODAY is the 214th most often used word in English, making it one of the most popular Wordle responses ever. More people use it than WATCH or MONTH and much more than LAPSE or CAULK (Yeah, I still remember that one).

The Merriam-Webster definition isn’t necessary for TODAY since there is just one genuine meaning to the word. In the English-speaking world at least, it’s a term that is often used. Actually, I’m sure you’ll say “Today” a lot. Ahem.

Many people were alarmed by yesterday’s Wordle in part due to the fact that it was created incorrectly, but today’s Wordle does not have the same issue of various options even after obtaining the majority of the letters.


It took me 4/6, and I’m not happy about it. While it may appear to be the norm on Twitter, I’m not really sure. According to Google Trends, “Wordle 266 X” does not seem to be a hot topic at this time.

I choose LATCH as my second word because I feared the New York Times would execute the ultimate joke and have everyone go through the agony of yesterday all over again, but it was only a guess.

However, my possibilities restricted significantly after I discovered that the T and the A were joined by an O. The most probable candidate is usually a word ending in T, but my third attempt made it clear that wasn’t going to be the case, so on my fourth try, I tried it at the beginning.


Because of the T’s location and the fact that the A and O couldn’t fit in many places, TODAY was one of the few alternatives available to me. I was about to play TOPAZ when I happened onto TODAY and saved myself the trouble.

After yesterday’s commotion, here is a normal Wordle. I’m curious to see what tomorrow brings…


We also have a compilation of previous Wordle answers if you need it. There are 20 games in this list.

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  • Wordle #250: BLOKE
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  • Wordle #246: TACIT

Tips for Winning at Wordle

Using one of the most effective Wordle start words is my number one recommendation. Make no mistake about it: It makes a huge impact.

As a result, you’ll have to go through all 26 potential letters to come up with a list of the appropriate five (or maybe less). As a matter of fact, some intelligent individuals have done the arithmetic and come up with a list of terms that are the most often used in English and Wordle responses. Make good use of them, of course!

Second, consider various combinations, particularly at the beginning and finish. SH, ST, CR, and CH are all regularly used, although other alternatives are less often seen.


Vowels are clearly an important aspect as well; while not all Wordle responses have more than one, many do, and some even have three. It’s a good idea to start with a few words, but if they don’t appear, you may want to attempt a few more.

Be sure not to overlook the Y—it often serves as a substitute for the actual vowel and is easy to overlook. It also comes at the conclusion of a lot of sentences.

Finally, experiment with other options. You may experiment with different responses to see how they appear on screen without pressing ‘Enter.’ Put in the most probable letters, along with those that you already know are part of the term, and then mentally switch between the many possibilities. If the term in question isn’t immediately apparent, this method has shown to be quite useful (like FJORD or ISLET).



Since its October 2021 introduction, Wordle has been gaining traction, but it wasn’t until the end of 2021 that it really took off. As a result, the New York Times purchased Wordle in early February for a seven-figure amount and the game is now a part of the NYT Games portfolio.

The game may be found here on the NYT Games website and is completely free to play. The New York Times and the game’s developer, Josh Wardle, have both affirmed that the game would stay free.. Wordle hasn’t become any tougher since the NYT took control, despite popular belief.

The goal of Wordle is to predict a five-letter word in as few trials as possible. When you make a guess, you’re shown whatever letters in the target word you’ve selected and if they’re in the correct position.


A letter glows green when it is in the right location. Yellow indicates that it is at the improper position in the text. It becomes grey if it isn’t in the term at all.

Every day, the same problem is sent out, and everyone must solve it. As a way to pass the time until the next Wordle resets at 7 p.m. ET each day, we’ve compiled a list of some of the finest Wordle alternatives, including Squabble, Quordle, Octordle and Absurdle, all of which are terrific games in their own right.

Other Wordle clones that we enjoy include the Worldle, the SWordle, and the Mathler. You may play as many games per day as you like with the unauthorised Wordle Unlimited, which allows the number of letters in a word to range from four to a whopping 11.


If you’re looking for the answers to today’s Quordle and Octordle puzzles, we’ve got you covered. In addition, the wonderful new Heardle, which is similar to Wordle for pop music, is a must-see.

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