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Get Right Quordle answers — solution #47, Saturday, March 12, 2022


Quordle #47 has arrived. And these are the solutions…

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There’s no shame in looking for today’s Quordle solution since Quordle is a lot more difficult than Wordle. Because Quordle challenges its users to come up with four ideas every day.

Play it if you haven’t already, because the original viral word game has been quadrupled in fun. As a result, the quartet of words is perhaps more challenging since you only have nine guesses to discover them. (Wordle may be difficult on certain days, but don’t stress out if you didn’t do it properly the first time; there is a right method to do Wordle.)


In the same manner as Wordle, it resets each day at 7pm ET, thus there is no way to find out what the answers were from the previous day if you miss one game. You won’t be able to verify today’s Quordle answers until I update this page each evening, unless you bookmark this page.

The solutions to today’s Quordle puzzles may be found here, but be warned: spoilers for game #47 are coming! In addition, please don’t use this website to cheat or pretend to others that you got it correctly when you didn’t. That would be a waste of all the time and effort I’ve put in.

Saturday’s Quarterback Hints, Game #47, March 12, 2014

The following are some pointers to get you started on today’s Quordle answers. For starters, I’ll give you four hints, followed by a major one at the conclusion. Then, I’ll provide the solutions, I swear.


Those are your first hints, so have fun!

  • Using all five of the vowels is common.
  • However, there is just one word that has a single vowel repeated twice.
  • A second double consonant may be found in two words.

If you’re stumped by some of today’s Quordle questions, here’s one more clue: The term “common greeting” appears in today’s Quordle.

Are you still unable to go forward? Here are the answers, so let’s get started!


Saturday, March 12th marks the 47th game in the Quadrangle series; here are today’s answers!

As such, what are your thoughts on today’s Quordle answers?

Now that you’ve been patient enough, I’ll give it to you right away:


The selections for today are a diverse group. Consider Word and Phrase Info, where CAULK is ranked 25,885th, whereas HELLO is well into the thousands.

  • KARMA (18,823)
  • PUPIL (5,109)
  • CAULK (25,885)
  • HELLO (2,252)

The solutions to today’s Quordle questions were discovered in four, five, six, and seven guesses, which is as good a result as I’m going to obtain given my approach of avoiding defeat rather than achieving a high score. Naturally, I’m wary.

Starting with one of the finest Wordle start words, in my case STARE, I then play a few more set words that between the three of them employ 15 unique letters, including all five vowels. That makes the remaining assignment a lot simpler, but it’s very doubtful that I’ll ever accomplish it in less than seven tries.

Caulk may have been the most difficult answer today, since it was the Wordle answer that caused the most confusion when it appeared a few weeks ago. However, my initial plan helped me out here, since I already knew it was C U__ and that it also had an A and an L.. CAULK was an apparent response since K was one of the letters I hadn’t yet played, but I probably wouldn’t have thought of it if it hadn’t previously been the Wordle answer.


In general, I found this Quordle to be much simpler to solve than yesterday’s Quordle, which had a few very challenging solutions. Hopefully you were able to as well.


We can also assist you if you’re seeking for a list of previous Quordle solutions. Here’s a list of every player who has appeared in 20 games or more.

  • Quordle: #46: AGATE, ADORE, MIDST, SINEW
  • Quordle #45: HASTY, SHEER, SOLVE, HOLLY
  • Quordle #44: FREER, IDIOT, MINUS, TWIRL
  • Quordle #43: POPPY, FRAIL, DOZEN, STIFF
  • Quordle #42: TWEAK, NIGHT, SONIC, FLACK
  • Quordle #41: VOICE, FORGO, WIDER, HOVEL
  • Quordle #40: LIKEN, HASTY, HEATH, HUNKY
  • Quordle #39: NANNY, AFFIX, CLING, STUFF
  • Quordle #38: CARVE, METER, SMEAR, OVINE
  • Quordle #37: CABAL, FROTH, DATUM, WOMEN
  • Quordle #36: QUERY, DEBAR, DEPOT, NUTTY
  • Quordle #35: SKIRT, DRAMA, FRAIL, HILLY
  • Quordle #34: PASTE, CHOIR, SKIFF, CAPUT
  • Quordle #33: PEARL, TOUGH, JUNTO, BELLE
  • Quordle #32: VIXEN, SHREW, QUILL, ALIGN
  • Quordle #31: MIGHT, STILT, BOAST, FLIER
  • Quordle #30: TROVE, CAPER, SHOUT, BEADY
  • Quordle #29: JOINT, SCOLD, GORGE, CAPUT
  • Quordle #28: FILER, CADET, BEGIN, ROBOT.
  • Quordle #27: ACRID, QUITE, GOING, SEPIA


Wordle’s enormous popularity spawned a slew of clones, including Quordle. Although it’s basically the same game, each player has nine chances to guess the correct answers out of a possible four.


Letters change green if they’re located in the correct spot, yellow if they’re in the word but in the incorrect place, and grey if they’re not included in the answer at all.

There is a practise mode, even though there is only one puzzle every day. And it’s possible you’ll need it, given how tough it is.

In the event that Quordle is too difficult for you, we propose either Squabble or Octordle (and we also have a page for today’s Octordle solutions) for an even more challenging exam.


We also enjoy the new Heardle, a Wordle clone for pop music, as well as Worldle, a Wordle clone for geography, SWordle, a Wordle clone for Star Wars, and the math-themed Mathler.

But don’t forget to also check out the finest Wordle start words and today’s Wordle answer if you don’t have time to participate.


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