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Peacock canceled this fantasy epic, and the author responded


Jade City isn’t going ahead, according to Peacock.

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Peacock has abandoned another another highly anticipated project after pulling the plug on its planned revival of the famous 1980s film Field of Dreams last week. A fantasy trilogy is being adapted into a television series this time.

Author Fonda Lee’s The Green Bone Saga had been in the works for some time, but Peacock has decided against adapting it into a television series. Jade City, Jade War, and Jade Legacy are the three books that make up the saga, which was completed last year.


Three rival crime families battle it out for control of a mysterious material called jade, which can offer its possessors superhuman abilities, according to Lee. Throughout the past five years, the series has gained a dedicated following, winning a World Fantasy Award in 2018.

When Peacock announced that it will make a miniseries out of the first novel, Jade City, there was a great deal of anticipation. If the first season was a success, it is likely that the second and third novels would have been made into films as well. It has been announced that Peacock will no longer bring the island of Kekon to life.

In a tweet, Lee verified that she had made the announcement (opens in new tab). The TV show Jade City has been canceled by Peacock after several years of development. It’s a huge letdown. I have trust that someone else will see the Kaul family’s story in a new light,” she wrote in a statement.


In a follow-up post, the author hit back at the streamer, writing, “on the positive side, now I don’t have to subscribe to Peacock!” This witty remark is meant more as a joke than anything else, and that makes it all the funnier.

Readers have weighed in on Lee’s tweets, expressing their disappointment that the Kauls’ narrative would not be brought to life, or at least not at Peacock. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the project will eventually find a new home.

Streaming services like Peacock aren’t the only ones planning to cancel popular series adaptations this year. Earlier this year, Netflix announced that its long-in-development Bone animated series wouldn’t be moving ahead, which spurred the show’s author to take a jab at the streaming service—though in that case, the dig felt far less good-spirited.

Neither Peacock nor the Good Bone Saga have commented on the news, and we have no idea why the streamer decided to pass on making a TV show out of Jade City or the complete Good Bone Saga, but it’s another blow to a platform that is already struggling.


Peacock can always rely on its well-known sitcoms like The Office and 30 Rock, but if it wants to become one of the greatest streaming services, it needs to produce more original shows.

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