Apple Watch 8 — rugged edition could win me over


As a runner, my requirements for a running watch are straightforward: it must be simple to read and use while running, and its battery life must be sufficient to handle marathon training. The Apple Watch hasn’t checked those boxes up until now.

Even though it appears to be gorgeous, I’ve accidentally lost runs by clicking end rather than stop. It just cannot compete with some of the top running watches on the market, including the comparable-priced Garmin Forerunner 255, even when using third-party apps on the watch.

Battery life has always been my second problem. On training days, I might go for a run, follow it up with a dog walk for recovery, and then head into the office. I don’t want my watch to die before my legs do. It’s another reason why I typically leave my Apple Watch 7 on charge and take my Garmin instead when I leave the house. I’ve never gotten used to the idea that I need to charge my Apple Watch 7 as frequently as I charge my phone.


However, I’m excited about the speculations that Apple will release a tough, outdoor version of the Apple Watch 8 that is made for usage in the great outdoors and for extreme sports. Here is what the rumors suggest will happen this year, and what I expect to see. Apple has obviously put a lot of effort on new running capabilities, which will roll out with the release of watchOS 9 later this year.

Apple Watch 8 sports edition: What we want to see 

The iPhone 14 lineup, which we anticipate will be unveiled on September 13, is expected to coincide with the release of the Apple Watch 8 tough edition, according to recent speculations. Right present, there is no information available on the cost of the Apple Watch 8. However, Apple has continued to charge the same prices for a number of years, so we anticipate the Apple Watch 8 will cost the same as the Apple Watch 7. Starting at $399 for the 41mm variant, the Apple Watch 7 costs more for the bigger 45mm model with cellular connection.

It’s purely speculative at this point if the Apple Watch 8 will include a sports or “rugged” model. The majority of leaks or rumors have focused on the device’s features rather than its name. It’s also nothing new; before the Apple Watch 7 was released, there were speculations of a tough Apple Watch.


increased battery life

The battery life of the Apple Watch 7 is inferior to that of some of the top Garmin watches now available. Apple claims that the watch has an 18-hour battery life, but when compared to models like the Fitbit Charge 5 or Garmin Forerunner 55, which have smartwatch battery lives of up to two weeks or seven days, respectively, 18 hours just isn’t enough, especially for multi-day events or explorers. If Apple truly intends for this to be an outdoor watch, they will be up against models like the Garmin Enduro, whose optimized battery-saving mode may last up to a year (yep, 365 days).

A sturdier design 


Although pricey, smartwatches are frequently among the most delicate gadgets. I’ve dropped a lot of various gadgets in the gym or on the edge of the pool, breaking them. A growing number of smartwatches have toughened glass screens in recent years, making them ideal for rugged trips, like the Garmin Fenix 7.

If Apple is making a really “rugged” watch, it will need a more durable screen and stronger waterproofing to keep it from breaking on the first climb.

The option to pause activities with a physical button 


In the event that Apple creates a tough Apple Watch 8, I would want it to feature a physical button that allows you to pause, start, and stop activities.

Unlike you, I just believe that sports watches shouldn’t have touchscreens, or if they do, they should still have tactile buttons. No matter how sensitive the screen is intended to be, sweaty fingertips and touchscreens simply don’t mix. I would want a real button on an Apple rugged, adventure watch that would allow me to pause, start, and stop activities. Yes, you may press the side button and the digital crown at the


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