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Xiaomi 12S Ultra might have 1-inch Sony IMX989 camera sensor


On July 4, Xiaomi will launch the 12S series, and the company today announced the lineup of three phones. A standard Xiaomi 12S, a Xiaomi 12S Pro flagship, and a camera monster called the Xiaomi 12S Ultra are what we may expect.

The business disclosed that the latter will have a brand-new Sony IMX989 1″ camera sensor. Rumor has it that they won’t be available on the international market because Xiaomi wants to limit the 12S selection to China.

Xiaomi falsely claimed that the new IMX989 was 1″ from corner to corner; in reality, it is a 1-inch type camera sensor similar to the one found in the Xperia Pro-I.


The type designation refers to the size of the video camera tube that would be required to project an image large enough to cover the sensor. The optical format or sensor type is typically 1.5 times the actual diagonal of the sensor, albeit the correlation is not exact. ‘Type’ is frequently omitted for conciseness and deduced from context, but in this particular instance, we believed it needed to be stated.

Furthermore, we are yet unsure whether whether Xiaomi will make use of the complete sensor surface. For instance, the optical system in the Xperia PRO-I only ever utilised the center of its 1-inch type sensor. Although the advantages of the huge pixels are still present and a lot smaller lens is needed, the sensor is not technically being used to its full potential.

Although we are unsure if Xiaomi would go that path, it is undoubtedly something to watch out for.


Meanwhile, the Xiaomi 12S’s basic specifications point to a tiny 6.28″ AMOLED screen with a 120 Hz refresh rate. It will have two RAM variants (8/12 GB and 128/256 GB, respectively) and two storage options. The front-facing camera is rumored to be 32 MP, and the rear camera combination will be 50 MP main + 13 MP ultra-wide angle + 5 MP macro.

All of these specifications appear to be identical to those of the Xiaomi 12, however the new Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 CPU and Leica treatment for the cameras make a difference.

For the three smartphones, Xiaomi created a landing page on, a well-known Chinese store. Each 12S smartphone has more than 200,000 reservations as of the time of writing this article, which attests to the enormous interest from potential customers.


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