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How to Add Widgets to Your iPhone Lock Screen in iOS 16


It is now possible to display information-rich widgets on the iOS Lock Screen thanks to iOS 16’s complete rewrite of the iOS Lock Screen. Adding widgets to the iPhone Lock Screen has never been easier than with iOS 16, which is still in beta testing.

iOS 16 will bring Lock Screen Widgets to iPhones later this year for the first time since they were only available on Android phones for a few years already. In a first for an iPhone, you can customize the Lock Screen with unique fonts as well as colors. This allows you to check your phone without having to open the Home Screen or the Today view.

Another time zone, a set alarm, a weather forecast, your activity rings, and a selected stock can all be added as widgets to appear above the current time on your Lock Screen. On the Lock Screen, above the digital clock, you may add a widget that displays the current date.
Information-rich widgets that can be positioned below the time include device battery levels; calendars; clocks; fitness; home; news; reminders; stock prices; and weather. Below the clock, you can add up to four widgets based on square symbols or up to two widgets with extra information in rectangular shapes, or a mix of two widgets based on square symbols and one in rectangular shapes.


Adding widgets is as simple as unlocking your iPhone and long pressing on the Lock Screen to get to the Lock Screen gallery. The remaining steps in the procedure are outlined in the following steps.

Adding Widgets to Your Lock Screen

  • To access the widgets picker, tap either the frame above or below the time.
  • Using the widgets picker, select one or more widgets from the list of suggested widgets at the top of the widgets list.
  • You can also select widgets for each app from the list of apps in the column. Place the one you want by swiping to the one you want and then tapping or dragging the frame where you want it.
  • After organizing your widgets, press Done in the upper-right corner of the screen to finish.
  • To activate the current Lock Screen, simply tap it in the wallpaper collection.

Using Apple’s new WidgetKit API, developers can create Lock Screen widgets for third-party apps in iOS 16.


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