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How to Display Activity Rings on Your iPhone Lock Screen in iOS 16


Apple has added Activity rings to the iPhone Lock Screen in iOS 16, which is now in beta, so you can check your progress toward your daily exercise objectives without having to unlock your phone or open your Apple Watch.

Apple’s introduction of Lock Screen widgets enables you to display your Activity rings in a convenient format. As part of the Fitness category there are two widgets: one shows your activity rings, while the other displays how close you are to achieving your fitness goals for the day.

Using the following instructions, you can install these widgets on your iPhone’s Lock Screen on iOS 16.

  • In order to get into the Lock Screen gallery, raise your iPhone and unlock with Face ID or Touch ID.
  • Tap Customize after you’ve selected the wallpaper on which you want your activity to appear.
  • The widgets selector can be accessed by tapping the frame below the time.
  • Tap on the Activity Rings widget in the suggested widgets to add it to your dashboard. The widgets can also be accessed by scrolling down the list of widgets and selecting “Fitness,” and then selecting the widget that you want to use (you can add both widget types if you want).
  • As soon as you’re done arranging your widgets, tap X in top-right corner of panel to close widget selector, then tap Done in top-right corner of screen to finish.
  • Finally, select the current Lock Screen from the wallpaper gallery and press the activate button on the lock screen.

No Apple Watch? The Fitness app in iOS 16 can still measure your steps (and the calories they burn) even if you don’t have one. The iPhone may be used to measure your progress toward achieving a daily move target, even if you don’t have an Apple Watch.

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