This Disney+ series is 100% on Rotten Tomatoes


Although Baymax’s introduction on television has delighted critics, some viewers have expressed displeasure with it.

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On the little screen, Big Hero 6 character Baymax appears to be as as appealing as he was on the big screen. On Rotten Tomatoes, the review aggregation site, the six Baymax! shorts that debuted on Disney Plus on Wednesday received a 100% fresh rating (opens in new tab).

Even though there have only been six critical reviews so far, it’s impossible to deny that Disney is on to another smash with this one. However, given that each of the six episodes clocks in at roughly seven minutes in length.


Its “heart” is “super-sized” as it “wobbles around town” to aid those in need who aren’t asking for it, writes Matt Fowler at the IGN website. As a six-episode series, “this one is a fast-paced treat that’s sure to delight.”

There are several “laugh-out-loud moments” in this brief family-friendly entertainment, according to Decider(opens in new tab). Streaming this is a no-brainer, according to the experts. Finally, the review concludes, “Baymax! dedicates each episode to all healthcare heroes and they should be delighted that such an instructive, funny series is developed in their honor.”

“a nice reminder of Disney’s strong heritage of short family-friendly cartoons,” declares Fat Guys at the Movies(opens in new tab). But Why Tho? is equally complimentary.


For “a balm for ever darker times,” (opens in new tab) and Mama’s Geeky(opens in new tab) (“a special one that delivers on the moments of hilarity, but also… the emotional ones”).

In light of this, the audience’s score is a significantly more divided 59 percent fresh, which is remarkable. It appears that Disney has sparked a bit of a backlash in the one-star reviews, with one criticizing the all-female cast and another disapproving of the inclusion of LGBT characters (opens in new tab). Congressional Republican Dan Bishop (opens in new tab) was quoted by Newsweek as calling the protests “woke bullshit” on Twitter (opens in new tab).

A transmasculine or genderqueer-presenting character (it’s not officially mentioned) who is also wearing the colors of the trans pride flag, as described by PopSugar(opens in new tab) is among those who offer assistance to Baymax while he’s at the store. The brief sequence is hailed as a “essential moment for trans representation” by the website that runs the story.


Only 11 of the 17 Rotten Tomatoes reviews have been given four or more stars.

In the end, because the entire six-episode run can be digested in less than an hour, it’s probably worth deciding for yourself. So even if you decide that Baymax is best served as a supporting character, you won’t have spent a lot of time on it.

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