How to Set a Unique Lock Screen for Your Focus Mode in iOS 16


As part of iOS 16, Apple has made a number of changes to Focus modes, including the option to attach a custom Lock Screen to a certain Focus mode. Lock Screens can now be customized to better represent your focus thanks to a wide range of personalization choices now available.

With iOS 16, you may customize your Lock Screens to be more useful or informative, and then go back to the previous one when you need to. A Lock Screen with widgets for business and a photo of your family, for example, could be useful when you’re away from home. A peaceful sunset wallpaper and a basic Lock Screen can be better for winding down before bedtime.

Because you can link a Lock Screen to a Focus mode, your device will instantly switch to your customized Lock Screen. The Focus button that appears in the Lock Screen gallery, which is accessed from the presently active Lock Screen on your iPhone with a long hold, can be used to link Lock Screens to existing Focus modes, as shown in the image above.


In the process of setting a new Focus mode in Settings, you can also choose a Lock Screen. This is how it works in iOS 16 beta, which is expected to be published later this year.

Setting a Lock Screen for Your Focus Mode

We’ve already created a Lock Screen that will activate at the end of the workday, and the next step is to attach it to a Focus mode, as seen in the example below.

  • It is possible to create a new Focus on an iPhone by going to Settings -> Focus, and then tapping on the Plus icon in the top-right corner.
  • Afterwards, select Custom in the following screen and proceed to provide the name and icon for your Focus.
  • Lock screen focus mode for ios 1link
  • When your Focus is active, set any notification silence options for persons and apps, then select the Lock Screen option under “Customize Screens.”
  • From the gallery, you can create a new lock screen, or you can select an existing lock screen to use.
  • In the upper-right corner, select Done.

Now that you’ve linked your Lock Screen to your Focus Mode, it will come up whenever you turn on Focus Mode.


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