Volkswagen ID.6: What we know so far


While it’s now geared toward China, the hefty SUV has the potential to succeed in the United States.

(Image credit: Volkswagen)

All-electric ID.6 SUV, a Tesla Model X rival with seven seats, has been introduced by Volkswagen and is currently only available in China.

The ID.6 is based on the German automaker’s Modular Electric Drive Toolkit (MEB) — a platform that is utilized throughout the constantly increasing ID. range — and is its largest EV to date. The ID.6 Crozz and ID.6 X are the two main editions of the SUV, but it will also be offered in a variety of other configurations that revolve around these two main models.


The naming scheme is based on that of ID.4, which also has Crozz and X editions of its own. The ID.6 will be available in two and four-wheel drive configurations, with a range of up to 365 miles for the more powerful type. Everything we know about it at this point is included in this post.

Volkswagen ID.6: Expected release date and price

China is the primary target market for the Volkswagen ID.6, which is being constructed in China as well. The FAW-Volkswagen facility in Foshan will assemble the VW ID.6 Crozz, while the SAIC Volkswagen plant in Anting will manufacture the ID.6 X. Although no price has been set, we do know that it will be ready for purchase by the end of 2021, even though no details have been released.

Volkswagen ID.6: Design

The VW MEB serves as the foundation for the VW ID.6, which is offered in two basic configurations.


The ID.6 Crozz, for starters, has a unique moniker that is only topped by its eye-catching orange paint job on the prototype we’ve seen thus far. Similarly showy is the ID.6 X’s purple exterior. To complement their distinct outward features, both automobiles will feature distinct interiors. There will be a choice between 19, 20, and 21-inch wheels.

As well as the vehicle’s exterior design, the massive SUV’s seating capacity for seven passengers and a 12-inch touchscreen entertainment system are both major selling points. An optional augmented reality head-up display and VW’s Hello ID voice control will be offered.

On the inside, it looks that ‘less is more.’ A vast panoramic glass canopy further enhances the sense of openness. Panoramic roofs that can be opened are also likely to be an option. The ID.6’s overall length is 2,965mm, about 30 cm longer than VW’s ID.4 to accommodate the additional seats.


Volkswagen ID.6: Range and charging

VW ID.6 will have the same battery and powertrain configuration as other ID models thanks to its use of the MEB platform. One of the three powertrains is believed to be 150kW dual motor all-wheel-drive (4MOTION) with a total output power of 225kW; the other two are single-motor (132kW) and all-wheel-drive (150kW) systems. With the latter, customers can expect to accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 6.6 seconds.

According to China’s NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) calculations, the range will be 271 or 365 miles, depending on the battery package you have. In the actual world, the reality will most likely be different. Customers who opt for the larger battery will be able to choose between a rear- or all-wheel-drive layout, as well as 300 horsepower of power and the option of either. In essence, the VW ID.4 SUV’s capacities are the same as those found in this vehicle.

Volkswagen ID.6: Standout features

The VW ID.6 has room for up to seven people, depending on the model you choose, making it ideal for families. The cabin’s basic design, complete with Captain’s Chair seats and plenty of legroom, is enhanced by the vehicle’s lengthy wheelbase. The dashboard is dominated by a touchscreen, with only a few switches and buttons. The panoramic roof option adds to the sense of spaciousness.


Many purchasers will find the VW ID.6’s augmented reality head-up display (AR HUD) to be particularly appealing. You also acquire Volkswagen’s identification number. Light and intelligent design. With the current version of Travel Assist and other driving assistance, the SUV is a joy to drive, despite its size.

Volkswagen ID.6: Outlook

For the time being, the VW ID.6 will only be sold in China. However, by 2023, VW aims on launching eight ID. models in China, with half of its vehicles sold there by 2030 expected to be electric-only.

ID.6 has a lot of potential for the US market, just as the seven-seat Mercedes-Benz EQB, which was also unveiled at the Shanghai motor show in 2021.


So it’s likely that VW’s Chattanooga facility in North America may produce this model or something similar based on the MEB platform in the near future. Keep an eye on things.

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