Porsche Macan EV: price, interior and range


Here’s all we know so far about the Porsche Macan EV.

(Image credit: Porsche)

The Porsche Macan EV is on its way, but it will be some time before it can be seen on the road. After Porsche announced the Macan EV’s existence two years ago, we’re now getting some solid information about what the electric vehicle will be capable of.

When it comes to the Macan, Porsche has been taking its time. Also, the gas-powered Macan, which will debut alongside the electric variant, will not be replaced. Everything we know about the Porsche Macan EV so far, including its range, features, and more, can be found here..


Porsche Macan EV release date and price

The final stages of development for the Porsche Macan EV are nearing completion, but the vehicle won’t be unveiled until late 2022 or early 2023. Porsche has stated that a gas-powered Macan will be launched around the same time as the electric Macan.

Additionally, pricing has not yet been established. However, given that it’s a Porsche, we can safely assume that this won’t be a low-cost EV. Porsche’s newest Taycan EV line starts at $79,990 in the US and can go up to $185,000 for the Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo, which is the most expensive model. In the United Kingdom, that’s £70,690 and £138,826.

Porsche Macan EV design and features

Despite the fact that we’ve only seen prototypes of the Macan EV, official images show off a vehicle that looks very much like the present Macan crossover. However, if you’re already a lover of the Macan’s current design, you should enjoy the Macan EV.


Although the Porsche Macan EV shares its name with the normal gas-powered Macan, the two vehicles will look very different. Prototype images show that the EV’s headlamps are thinner and it doesn’t have the grill you’d find on a gas-powered car. In contrast to an internal combustion engine, an electric motor does not necessitate a steady supply of air.

Additionally, photographs from testing indicate a lower roofline, hinting that the Macan EV will have a more coupe-like appearance than existing Macans. The rear of the vehicle appears to have undergone a few minor tweaks.

There is no gear shifter on the inside, according to released spy images(opens in new tab). This means that the car’s dashboard is cleaner and less crowded. Additionally, the Macan EV will include a curved digital gauge cluster, a second touchscreen for climate control, and a huge center display.


Several people have hypothesized that there is a rotary dial on the device that controls the touchscreen, allowing users to perform tasks without having to repeatedly tap on the shiny, glassy surface.

Up-to-date spy photos(opens in new tab) provide us a better idea of how the car’s front and rear lighting clusters function today. As a result, there are two sets of front lights, which appear to split the functionality between daytime lights and turn signals on top. The front of the car has a cluster of lights that appear to be high beams and headlights.

However, unlike the majority of recent Porsches, this one looks to have a full-width LED cluster instead of the usual half-width setup.


Porsche Macan EV battery and range

Taycan’s 800-volt charging design will be used by the Porsche Macan EV. That translates to a charging speed of 270kW for the vehicle. The Taycan has two battery sizes: 79.2 kWh and 93.4 kWh. We don’t yet know the exact sizes of these new batteries.

(Image credit: Porsche)

The only thing we know for sure about the Macan EV’s range is that it will be “much” more than the Taycan’s. The EPA estimates the 2021 Taycan 4S’s range at 227 miles, so that’s the absolute minimum we can expect.

At this point our hopes are set on a 300-mile driving range, which rival automakers Ford and Tesla have achieved and which the forthcoming Hummer EV is expected to surpass.


In terms of battery capacity, it’s not yet known if the extended range means that the battery will be larger. Alternatively, it could suggest that Porsche has improved its power efficiency and made every kilowatt of power go a longer distance. Ideally, a mixture of both would be the best solution.

Porsche Macan EV performance

The Macan EV’s performance details are scant at this time. Porsche hasn’t even made an official statement on the situation. As a result, we anticipate to see a range of both rear- and all-wheel-drive cars on the market.

Audi, for example, is already employing the VW Group’s Premium Platform Electric architecture, so we may assume that it will be used in this vehicle. Despite this, the architecture doesn’t tell us anything about the upcoming Macan EV.


Porsche Macan EV outlook

Porsche appears to be taking a more cautious approach to the electric car industry compared to other firms, such as Hummer. There are no firm plans on when the Macan EV will totally replace its gas equivalent, even though the business aims to have 80 percent of its cars powered by battery-powered EVS or plug-in hybrids by 2030.

With the Macan being Porsche’s best-selling vehicle, it’s unlikely that the company will quit creating them very soon. Aside from that, we don’t know much about the Macan EV yet.

However, based on the claimed battery range, the Macan EV should outperform the Porsche Taycan. Despite the fact that the firm’s gas-portfolio isn’t totally replaced, this is still likely to be a huge gain for the corporation.


For a car that isn’t scheduled to be released for at least two more years, there’s still a lot we don’t know. Be patient and wait to see what Porsche has to offer before getting too thrilled.

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