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The new iPhone SE isn’t the greatest budget iPhone — this one is


Even if the iPhone SE 2022 seems to be a good deal, the iPhone 11 is a step up in quality.

Even though the iPhone SE 2022 hasn’t yet been released, I can already hear the questions from my friends and family. “Which iPhone is the greatest value for the money?”

The new iPhone SE 2022 would be the obvious choice. Consider that for $429, you’re getting an A15 Bionic chip with quick performance, 5G connection, and significant camera improvements. It’s true that the new iPhone SE 2020 costs $30 more than the previous model, but considering the improvements, I believe it’s a fair price increase.


The new iPhone SE, however, is not necessarily the finest iPhone under $500. Because the iPhone 11 is still available for purchase.

For the price of $499, the iPhone 11 isn’t a new phone. A little over three years have passed since it was first published in the autumn of 2019. That being said, it does have a few benefits over the iPhone SE 3rd generation.

For starters, the iPhone 11 has a 6.1-inch screen, compared to the iPhone SE’s 4.7-inch screen. Despite the fact that I now use reading glasses, I would not be able to utilise a display this tiny on a daily basis. Even while surfing the web, playing Wordle, or watching the finest Netflix episodes on a 6.1-inch LCD, the experience is enhanced.


In terms of size and weight, the iPhone SE is the superior choice if you’re looking for something smaller. With dimensions of 5.9 x 3.0 x 0.22 inches and a weight of 6.84 ounces, the iPhone 11 will take up more space in your pocket. In exchange for that, I’d rather carry around a little extra weight.

The iPhone 11’s cameras are another selling point. I used the word “cameras” instead of “camera.” The new iPhone SE, in contrast to the iPhone 11, only has a single 12MP wide lens, whereas the iPhone 11 has a wide and ultra-wide 12MP camera.

But the iPhone 11’s Night mode is even more impressive, allowing you to take high-quality photos even in low-light situations. Night mode was omitted from the iPhone SE 2022 for some unknown reason. The A15 Bionic chip on the phone would have made it possible for the feature to be implemented.


The A15 chip in the new iPhone SE gives it some advantages over the iPhone 11 in terms of computational photography. Photographic Styles and Smart HDR 4 are also part of this package. Even so, I’d prefer to have Night mode on board, though.

The iPhone 11’s front camera has 12MP compared to the iPhone SE’s 7MP, so images taken with the iPhone 11 should be sharper.

Although the iPhone 11 is old, it still lacks some modern features, such as 5G, due to its ageing. It wasn’t until the iPhone 12 in 2020 that Apple began releasing 5G phones. But I don’t think it’s a game-changer when it comes to everyday use. It also doesn’t support Verizon’s Ultra Widbeand 5G network, while the iPhone SE 3 does.


Battery life is much more crucial to me than anything else. A 2 hour increase in battery life is touted by Apple for the new iPhone SE. The iPhone 11 has a video playing time of up to 17 hours, a streaming video time of up to 10 hours, and an audio playback time of up to 65 hours. Video playing and audio playback times are reduced on the new iPhone SE compared to the iPhone 5S. (50 hours).

What about Touch ID? Many users like the iPhone SE 2022’s distinctive Touch ID button, which is particularly useful while wearing a mask since it may be quicker than Face ID and is more secure. However, with the introduction of a mask-friendly version of Face ID for iOS 15.4 and the removal of mask regulations in additional regions of the nation, I believe this discussion is effectively over.

If you’re looking for the cheapest, most powerful 5G iPhone on the market, the iPhone SE 2022 seems to be an excellent option. However, the iPhone 11’s bigger display, Night mode, and longer claimed battery life make it a better choice than the iPhone SE.


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