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Apple Silicon chip choices for the next Mac mini include M2 and M2 Pro


Another source claims Apple’s Mac mini will be getting a major boost in the form of Apple’s M2 range of Apple silicon processors.

If you’re a creative worker who may benefit from much more powerful hardware, Apple has just unveiled its new Mac Studio. Mac Studio is Apple’s first Mac with the M1 Ultra, a new chip made up of two M1 Max processors linked together via an UltraFusion connection.

However, according to 9to5Mac, the Mac mini may be the first Mac to get Apple’s new M2 and M2 Pro CPUs – the M2 and M2 Pro respectively.


The M2 Mac mini (codenamed J473) is expected to be powered by the next-generation entry-level M2 processor, according to the report. Based on the A15 processor, rumour has it that the M2 chip will contain an 8-core CPU similar to the M1, but with a more powerful 10-core GPU.

The M2 Pro Mac mini (codenamed J474) will be powered by the M2 Pro microprocessor. This chip is said to have a 12-core CPU with four efficiency cores and eight performance cores. The current M1 Pro has a 10-core CPU as a point of reference.

There has been some speculation about the Mac mini’s M2 processor, but this is the first official confirmation of its existence. The lower-end of the M2 range makes sense for the next generation of the Mac mini because of the heat generated by the Mac Studio.


Additionally, additional Thunderbolt ports have been suggested, as has the inclusion of a magnetic power cord similar to the one seen on the M1 iMac, as well as a thinner casing.

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