Shakira- Gerard Pique to split after 12 years of relationship? A history of their love story


Musician Shakira and ex-footballer Gerard Piqué have had an on-again, off-again romance that has been much lauded. For the past three months, the couple who have two sons together have reportedly been living apart. Several accounts claim that after Shakira learned of his extramarital relationship, Pique moved into his bachelor pad in Barcelona.

When the couple first met at the 2010 FIFA World Cup, they had already broken up, only to get back together and create a great connection. Look back at their love story, which is currently in the midst of stormy weather, as we wait for an official statement from the two celebrities themselves.

What was the first way Shakira and Gerard met?


On the set of Shakira’s music video for “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)” in 2010, Gerard Piqué and Shakira first met. The official 2010 FIFA World Cup anthem was performed by Shakira, and Gerard was featured in the video, leading his team to victory that year.

Shakira later admitted in an interview that she had no idea who Ronaldo was because she was not a soccer fanatic. In the beginning, I thought it was a cute video. “Then someone came by and introduced us,” he says.

As Piqué explained to television station TV3, “it all began while we were together in South Africa and I wrote to her.” “Because she sang in the opening ceremony, she was already there when I questioned her about the weather. When people ask foolish questions, the standard response is to say that they should bring a jacket. She started telling me what the weather was like constantly, and it reached to the point where I told her we (Spain) had to make it to the World Cup final to see her again—she was singing at the final. “


Making it official after a brief breakup

In January of this year, the two revealed their relationship for the first time, but said they had broken up in August of previous year. “Throughout this time we have continued to work hand in hand, have stayed close, and have kept the specifics entirely confidential until now,” said a joint statement from the two men. A month after that, the two were spotted leaving a Barcelona restaurant together. In March of that year, the couple made their relationship official on Instagram. At Shakira’s concert in Barcelona in May, Gerard shared a passionate kiss with the singer.

It’s a girl!


The couple made their red carpet debut at the FIFA Ballon d’Or Gala in Switzerland in 2012, when they arrived together.

When Shakira announced her pregnancy in September of that year, she said, “As some of you may know, Gerard and I are very thrilled awaiting the arrival of our first baby! We have opted to prioritise this one-of-a-kind period in our lives at this point,” she added.

Shakira and Gerard announced the birth of their first child, Milan Piqué Mebarak, in January of 2013. When translated from its Sanskrit origins, Milan means ‘unification,’ according to the artist’s bio on her website. “Baby Milan joined FC Barcelona from birth, just like his father.”


According to an interview she gave to a magazine later on, Shakira described Gerard as a hands-on father who assisted her in raising their baby. It is a blessing that my father is so committed. He’s been nothing short of spectacular. When I’m not taking care of the infant, I’m spending time with him as well. The kind of dad that is always there to help out in whatever way he can.”

What’s going on?

When asked about their wedding plans in 2014, Shakira replied, “We already have what’s needed, you know? ” In addition to a union, we have a love for one another, and a child. In my opinion, those parts of our connection have already been established, and marriage is not likely to change them. He’s the one for me if I ever decide to get married.


During the first few months of 2015, the couple announced that they were expecting a baby boy. Sasha Piqué Mebarak, their second child, was born in late January. The name Sasha is Greek and Russian in origin and means “defender of humanity” and “fighter,” as she explained on Instagram.

‘Me Enamoré,’ which translates to “I’m in love,” was released by Shakira in 2017 as a memorial to her relationship with Piqué in 2010.

She had a vocal chord haemorrhage in the same year, which hampered the singer’s speaking abilities.


Former Barcelona and Spain defender Gerard Piqué announced his retirement in 2018. On Instagram, Shakira posted a message of support for her boyfriend. “Love, finished the stage that we will always treasure in our hearts,” she wrote next to a photo of Gerard. Another one of the most memorable events of my life was seeing you and the national team win in 2010 and celebrate as champions of Spain. ” Shak.”

According to rumours in 2022, Gerard was spotted partying with pals in Barcelona and not Shakira on many evenings. ‘Te Felicito’ with Rauw Alejandro reportedly hinted at the split of their relationship as well.


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