Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23+ will have same telephoto cameras


A story last week purported to provide some insight on Samsung’s decision about the front-facing camera for its Galaxy S23 and S23+ handsets. While the notion that the aforementioned smartphones would come with enhanced selfie cameras was excellent news in that instance, it appears that this is not the case with the telephoto camera on the back.

The Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ will both employ the same 10 MP resolution for the telephoto camera as the Galaxy S22 and S22+, claims the same source. It will most certainly be 3x, as it was this year, and it very well may be the exact same arrangement with the same sensor. Just till now, there haven’t been any particular rumors about this.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra’s future is unknown, but it appears that the non-Ultra S flagships will continue to use the same (or very similar) configuration for another year. Of course, at this moment, this information is only a rumor, and because the introduction of these models is still many months away, even if it were accurate, Samsung may still alter its mind before releasing the Galaxy S23 series.


In any case, if this works out, we’re hopeful that the Korean manufacturer would upgrade the S23 and S23+ with something other than a higher-res selfie camera. We received a lot of fairly minor updates in 2022 as replacements for aging phones, and we undoubtedly had more exciting times in the mobile industry, so 2023 had better be different.

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