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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra might skip this new camera


Is it really a big deal if the Galaxy S23 Ultra doesn’t have Samsung’s newest 200MP sensor?

image via techradar

However, it’s possible that Samsung’s Galaxy S23 may not get the latest camera sensor from the company but that the phone will still have an impressive update when it’s released.

There’s a new 200MP ISOCELL HP3 sensor from Samsung that has been said to be used in the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s main camera. According to Ice Universe, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will not be employing this sensor when it goes into mass production later this year.


It’s regrettable that the Galaxy S22 Ultra didn’t get Samsung’s new 200MP main camera, after all. However, the Galaxy S23 Ultra may still feature a 200MP sensor, it’s just not going to be on this particular model.

As recently as late 2021, Samsung had already built a 200MP sensor, the ISOCELL HP1, which it showed off with an amazing billboard-sized video. In order to catch more light and hence better color and detail, this sensor features larger 0.64 m (micrometre) pixels rather than the HP3’s smaller 0.56 m ones.


Samsung should employ the HP1 sensor in the Galaxy S23 Ultra because it is more mature and larger than the recently released HP3. We see this in our best camera phone guide, where the iPhone 13 Pro Max retains our top performance despite employing 12MP sensors like several prior iPhones. A honed sensor frequently shoots better images than a brand-new one with superior features.

However, even if the Galaxy S23 Ultra keeps the same 108MP primary camera as the Galaxy S22 Ultra, there’s still space for development in the software department. For example, in brilliantly lit outdoor places with lots of shadows cast by trees or buildings, the current Samsung flagship phone typically produces some spectacular photos. However, there is room for improvement when it comes to colors and managing difficult photographic scenarios.

The basic Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus are rumored to have a 12MP front-facing camera upgrade as well. That’s wonderful news for everyone who wants to take great selfies but can’t afford the undoubtedly very costly Galaxy S23 Ultra.


This year’s Galaxy S22 series will likely be replaced by the Galaxy S23 series somewhere in February of next year. The latest Galaxy S23 rumors are currently available on our hub page, where you can stay up to date. And don’t forget to check out the Google Pixel 7, an incoming Android flagship that has set the bar high for the Galaxy S23 to meet or exceed.

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