Mac Mini 2022 — early rumors and everything we know so far


The absence of a Mac Mini from Apple in 2021 may alter this year.

The previous Mac mini release took place two years ago. Apple has to revitalize its entry-level desktop now that the Mac Studio is available.

By switching to the new Apple M2 processor, a future Mac mini might improve upon the pretty good existing Mac mini with its Apple M1 chip. However, a new design is also planned to update the small computer’s appearance. The reported M2 pro chip may possibly be included in the Mac Mini.


Continue reading to learn what is currently known about the long-rumored Mac mini 2022.

Mac mini 2022 release date rumors

According to all current reports, a new Mac mini will be released this year. It turns out that the Mac mini won’t be unveiled at the Apple Peek Performance event in March, despite the fact that we did receive the Mac Studio as a consolation. The Mac Mini wasn’t mentioned by Apple at WWDC 2022 either.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, however, has deviated from the consensus and stated that the new, updated Mac mini won’t really be released until 2023. Of course, we’re hoping he’s incorrect on this one.


Mac Mini 2022 price speculation

Any pricing conjecture seems a bit pointless as there won’t be a new Mac mini in 2021, but the Mac mini 2022 is a definite possibility, especially since new CPUs with new capabilities have been disclosed. Based on Apple’s past pricing practices for the Mac mini, we may reasonably predict the price of the upcoming model of its smallest desktop.

The first Mac mini model debuted in 2005 at $499, but the most recent Mac mini, the 2020 model with the M1 CPU, started at $699. That price was recently reduced to $649, indicating Apple may be attempting to sell shares before announcing a new product.

We have solid reason to believe any Mac mini will be available for the same starting price as its predecessor: $699. We assume any Mac mini will be an incremental upgrade over the present version with beefier internals and a revised design. Apple would be taking a major risk by raising the price of the entry-level model over $700, but we’ll have to wait and see what the Mac Mini 2022 has to offer in terms of features before we can rule out a price increase.


The tiny Mac mini might be provided with these more potent combinations for much more in order to appeal to the limited group of media artists who prefer the appearance of the Mac mini over the MacBook Pro laptop or Mac Pro desktop.

Mac Mini 2022 potential design and specs

Speaking of the tiny computer’s internals, reports claim that it will use either an M2 or an M2 Pro processor. The latter is still very much just a rumor, but given that the Mac Mini is not subject to the same power constraints as a laptop like the MacBook Air 2022, it stands to reason that it may include a more potent (and power-demanding) CPU.

Another report, according to which Apple would discontinue the Mac mini M1 Pro and M1 Max models now that the Mac Studio is available, supports this assertion. Instead, the updated mini will be released with the M2 and M2 Pro processors. So, we ought to continue to have a choice of chips.


Similar to M1 silicon from the previous year, M2 chips appear to be slated for 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models (J414 and J416 respectively), but there is also an M2 Pro-powered Mac mini (J474) being tested.

Bloomberg previously reported that Apple was testing yet another Mac mini equipped with the most recent M1 Pro and M1 Max CPUs. Similar stories have been told previously, but it was commonly believed that the Mac Studio could have rendered these models obsolete. However, the Studio Display’s firmware appears to relate to current versions, so possibly not.

The most trustworthy reports regarding its potential appearance originate from renowned leaker Jon Prosser, who asserted back in May that the following Mac mini may be smaller and include more ports. In particular, he asserted that it will have the same magnetic charging connector, four Thunderbolt ports, two USB-A ports, Ethernet, and HDMI connectors as the new 24-inch iMac 2021.


All of it is wonderful, but there is no assurance that the changes will occur. In fact, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo now anticipates that when the new Mac mini inevitably launches, it won’t receive a design upgrade.

Mac Mini 2022 outlook

All indications lead to a new Mac mini being on sale in 2022; the only remaining mysteries are when, what will be included inside, and how it will appear. So, a couple important questions.

We’re interested to see what Apple does with its tiniest computer’s next major update, though.


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