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Reviews of Thor: Love and Thunder have arrived, and we have bad news


Love, where are you?

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Reviews of Thor: Love and Thunder are primarily for people who, unlike me, did not purchase early-bird tickets. Perhaps even more resilient and robust than Thor himself are big movies like this one.

However, these initial evaluations might just encourage viewers to hold off until Thor: Love and Thunder premieres on Disney Plus. However, they do a wonderful job of lowering your expectations. And, no, these reviews aren’t a big bucket of cold water (I’m seeing it on Thursday night, and I’m still enthusiastic).


When compared to Thor: Ragnarok, many reviews appear to view Thor: Love and Thunder as “more of the same.” And while we still believe that’s probably for the best, it does seem as though everyone is operating automatically.

Thor: Love and Thunder now has a 71 percent Rotten Tomatoes rating(opens in new tab) with 78 reviews totaled, and more are still being submitted. Thus, it appears that there is a wide range of criticism.

Why Thor: Love and Thunder is disliked by the critics

First to voice our issue was Andrew J. Salazar for Discussing Film(opens in new tab). He writes, “It’s not until the second half that Thor: Love and Thunder truly comes into its own path worth telling.” He cautions that you might need to wait a little while to experience the love for the movie.


And regrettably, according to Salazar, it appears that they wasted one of the most significant recent additions to the MCU “How much of a missed chance Christian Bale’s Gorr feels is too great to be underestimated. The persona most likely doesn’t rank among the top half of Marvel’s underused villains, but he also doesn’t come close.”

However, Salazar’s most damaging criticism was when he stated that “Thor: Love and Thunder feels like a stale act,” in contrast to “Thor: Ragnarok, which almost feels like a magic trick, Waititi proving what can be done with a Thor story in his own unique style.”

Another critic who made a negative comparison between Thor: Love and Thunder and the first installment is Brian Lowry of CNN(opens in new tab). Thor: Love and Thunder, according to Lowry, “mostly fizzles in the amazing blend of tones and styles that director Taika Waititi pulled off in Thor: Ragnarok, which isn’t as humorous as it wants to be, as stirring as it needs to be, or romantic as it ought to be.”

(Image credit: Marvel Studios via YouTube)

The fact that Thor is reduced to becoming a silly, himbo, Hulk Hogan lookalike by the movie is even more aggravating, according to Valeries Complex at Deadline(opens in new tab).

But that isn’t the only instance of a character not being supported: “The role of Valkyrie was important in Ragnarok. She served as a reminder of Asgard’s previous, repressive practices. Lady Sif is an adept warrior and Asgard’s protector in the films Thor and Thor: The Dark World. Although it’s nice to see both characters in action, they have no role in this movie. The plot would not have changed if neither were present in this film. They are therefore useless.”

Why critics like Thor: Love and Thunder

Therese Lacson frames Thor: Love and Thunder at Collider(opens in new tab) as a solution to the murky scenario now in Phase 4 of the MCU. Christian Bale receives some of the flowers given out, as “This character is nothing new, but what makes it stand out is Bale’s physically intimidating portrayal. Bale is definitely no stranger to playing villains (or heroes), but what makes him compelling to watch is how he skillfully blends the tragedy of Gorr’s past with his vindictive destruction of Gorr’s present.”

(Image credit: Marvel Studios and ScreenX via Twitter)

When discussing Waititi’s work, Lacson also appreciates his script, calling it “Eccentric and amusing, with bits of slapstick, and a strong dosage of heart and some melancholy – it’s an old recipe, but one that hasn’t lost its charm.”

Even more significantly, Lacson’s review concludes, “Thor: Love and Thunder caught exactly what enchanted me about these MCU movies, even though there might be concerns about the film’s pacing or poorer first half.”

Analysis: Why we’re still excited for Thor: Love and Thunder

“For every negative addressed about Thor: Love and Thunder, the comedy, action scenes, and performances save it from crumbling,” Valerie Complex wrote in the aforementioned review for Deadline. And I specifically needed to hear that.


As long as Thor: Love and Thunder is a fine Marvel film, I adore it when an MCU film isn’t just “excellent for a Marvel movie.” Its work is finished.

I have a lot of complaints about Doctor Strange 2, but as long as there are enough to support Thor: Love and Thunder, I won’t be asking for a ticket refund.


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