Pokemon Go Fest Players Complain of Poor Shiny Rate


Shiny rates at Pokemon Go Fest were disappointing to many guests. Two-day event that provides gamers with the opportunity to catch rare Pokemon and meet mythical Pokemon Shaymin is underway today, the first of which is today. Pokemon Go Fest is a lot of fun because of the increased chance of finding Shiny Pokemon. This year’s Pokemon Go event will see a few adjustments to how Shiny Pokemon arrive, but many gamers aren’t happy about what they perceive as a low rate of appearance.

Pokemon Go players who have a ticket for this year’s event will receive an increased Shiny rate both in the wild and when they use Incense during the event period. In addition, the Shiny rate is expected to be greater than it was on Sunday. A large number of Shiny Pokemon can be caught during the event in the past, especially if you play for the full day. The Shiny rate for the event has been lowered, according to gamers on the Silph Road subreddit and on Twitter. After four hours of non-stop play, one player reported catching only two Shiny Pokemon, while another claimed to have caught none in seven hours.

The problem is that Niantic doesn’t provide the Shiny Encounter rate during “boosted” events, possibly to avoid discouraging players from purchasing a ticket. When it comes to the Pokemon Go Fest, Niantic’s developers may believe that promoting a higher Shiny rate will deter people from attending the event. Even though it is impossible to determine for sure if the number of Shiny encounters is lower than normal, there appear to be more complaints than in the past. Some players may simply be extremely unlucky, as even a higher Shiny rate does not guarantee a Shiny Pokemon encounter, as the game relies on randomness to determine encounters.


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