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OnePlus 10T rumors shows: 6.7″ display, full-width camera bump


Rumor has it that OnePlus’s 10T smartphone will be the only one it releases this year (no 10 Ultra, no 10T Pro, etc.). Aside from the fact that it would be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 CPU, nothing else was known about the phone. More information have been revealed by leaker Yogesh Brar and Onsitego, allowing them to create 3D models of the phone.

image credits: firstpost

In a first for the brand, the 10T’s camera bump spans the whole width of the phone. The material finishes on this design, according to the leakers, may not be true because it is based on early prototypes.

Regardless, this phone is going to be a bit larger than predicted. The screen is expected to measure 6.7″ diagonally, which is bigger than previous T-phones and even larger than the 10 Pro. Instead of QHD+, it will feature an FHD+ resolution (while keeping the refresh rate at 120Hz).


Faster charging (150W vs. 80W) comes at the expense of a smaller battery (4,800mAh vs. 5,000mAh) on the phone. There will be no support for wireless charging at this time. Aside from that, there aren’t any major flaws in this phone’s display or battery life.

OIS and 4K 60fps video capture are said to be included in the OnePlus 10T’s primary camera. There will be no telephoto lenses on board, and it will be accompanied with a 16MP ultra wide camera and a 2MP macro module. There will be a front-facing camera with a sensor of 32MP.

A 48MP 1/1.43″ sensor in the primary camera with OIS (we don’t know the size of the 10T sensor), plus a high-resolution 50MP sensor in the ultra wide (150° FoV) and an 8MP telephoto camera (with OIS), as well as 8K video recording, are all on the 10 Pro.


Between the OnePlus 10 Pro ($900/€900/70,000) and the OnePlus 10R (44,000), the OnePlus 10T will be priced. As of July, it is scheduled to be available in India and other countries.

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