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OnePlus’ alert slider will appear on Pro variants and Oppo flagships


Leaked images of the OnePlus 10T were posted earlier today. Is there anything you’d want to point out? The absence of the familiar alert slider, which has been one of OnePlus’ most popular features for years. Since Apple had a comparable slider long before OnePlus, we use the phrase “in the Android world” instead.

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When OnePlus expanded to include entry-level phones that were merely rebranded Oppos, the alert slider was severely missed by some. Since they were originally intended to be Oppos, the lack of an alert slider on the Nord N variants was logical.

The OnePlus 10T, on the other hand, isn’t it? According to renowned leaker Yogesh Brar on Twitter, this will mark the beginning of a new trend in which only the OnePlus Pro flagships will come equipped with an alert slider. No more OnePlus high-end phones will feature it, and neither will any future Nords.


It appears like Oppo may “steal” the alert slider from its sibling company in the future, which would only serve to aggravate the situation more. When you consider all the commotion surrounding the OxygenOS/ColorOS merger in the past, we’re not sure how well-versed committed OnePlus fans will take this.

At the conclusion of this post, we should remind out that this is simply a rumour at this stage, and OnePlus has yet to confirm anything. Only time will tell if this is a good idea or not.


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