Google releases Android 13 Beta 3.1 two days after Beta 3 to fix one bug


It was just two days after Google rolled out Android 13 Beta 3 for Pixel smartphones on Wednesday (June 8, 2022) that it published Android 13 Beta 3.1 to address a single issue: certain users were reporting that the Android Beta Feedback app was missing in Android 13 Beta 3.

While it’s not apparent why the Android Beta Feedback app wasn’t included in Beta 3 in the first place, the fact that Google promptly addressed the issue by adding a slight point boost to the third beta is a promising sign for the future.

The Android 13 Beta 3.1 does not include any further patches, and Google has said that the known issues described in Beta 3 still apply to Beta 3.1.


TPB3.220513.017.B1 will be the build number for Beta 3.1 OTA if you’ve previously installed Beta 3 on your device and are currently participating in the Android 13 beta programme. Alternatively, if you can’t wait, you may download it here and manually install it.

It is possible to download the Android 13 Beta 3.1 for the Pixel 4 XL, Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G, pixel 5, pixel 5a, and pixel 6 and 6 pro.


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