A weekend in Paris with the Oppo Find X5 Pro


Paris. Roland Garros and the Champs-Elysees are just some of the must-see attractions in this city of lights. This is one of only four Grand Slam events held each year, and it is the only one to be held on clay, as tennis fans may know. As a result, it’s a one-of-a-kind piece of art that perfectly reflects the city in which it is located.

You might be asking yourself, what does any of this have to do with smartphones? Since Oppo has been a premium partner of Roland Garros for three years now, it just announced that it has extended its agreement with the tennis tournament for this year and next. As a thank you, the corporation graciously invited me to Roland Garros’ Women’s Singles Final on Saturday, June 5.

Tennis Grand Slam tournaments are fascinating for anybody who hasn’t been to one in person, and therefore I wanted to try something new and develop a section that is part trip report and part real-world hands-on experience away from cold hard data, spec sheets, and testing laboratories.


Is there a better phone for Paris than Oppo’s newfound flagship, the Find X5 Pro?” To see more of the city and the Roland Garros stadium, as well as the rest of Paris, I brought it along with me, and as you’ll see in the photographs below, it was an invaluable travel companion. Let’s go to Paris together if you’re up for it!

From Notre Dame to the Arc de Triomphe on Friday:

A quick and swift check-in and a short top-up of the battery on my Find X5 Pro were all that was needed after arriving at the hotel about noon on Friday. Fortunately, the Find X5 Pro’s lightning-fast charging makes this a cinch, provided you remember to bring the included connection and charger. I didn’t, so it was time to travel to the more popular parts of town at 4 p.m.


When it came to the actual top-up, it took less than a minute, which is something that can’t be claimed about the most popular flagship phones (looking at you, Apple and Samsung). Even if your phone is dead, you can charge it for 15-20 minutes (if it isn’t) and have enough juice to last you through the remainder of the day.

In order to find places to visit, I used Google Maps a lot more frequently after that. I looked up places to eat and purchase water, as well as places to go see what else was around. For the eight or so hours I was out and about, the Find X5 Pro was virtually always in my hands, and yet it worked flawlessly without a hitch. Despite intensive usage of GPS and mobile internet as well as a lot of multitasking, it never overheated and remained cool the entire time. I didn’t have time to play any games while on my vacation, but the cooling mechanism inside performed really well for this sort of on-the-go use.

When you use gestures to navigate the phone, the screen’s side curves assist a lot because your finger never runs over anything sharp because the screen curls into its frame. Since the screen bends, I’ve never had an unintended touch.


The Find X5 Pro’s display was clearly readable even in bright sunlight, however the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra goes even farther when necessary. The second thing that I didn’t notice when using it was the lack of brightness.

When I needed to get into the city’s centre, I boarded the Paris Metro, which is one of the world’s oldest and most well-known systems. Rubber tyres are controversially used on some lines, which results in a unique smell and noise when a train departs a station. You can hear this even from inside a train, which adds to the intrigue of the ride. For the most of my weekend trips, I took advantage of the city’s metro system, and it was an enjoyable experience.

Notre Dame’s restorations appear to be moving well from a distance, so I decided to take a closer look. After about a 30-minute walk through the surrounding region, I came to a restaurant that didn’t appear to be a tourist trap, and that’s where I enjoyed the excellent meal you see in the images above.


Next, we took a walk from the Louvre Museum to the Arc de Triomphe, which many people consider to be one of the highlights of a trip to Paris. We made a few picture stops along the way, and I have to admit that the Find X5 Pro provided an excellent shooting experience, despite the fact that it lacks a periscope camera (Hi, Apple!).

Even after handling a slew of other brands’ flagships in recent months, I was pleasantly surprised by the shot-to-shot timings. This phone’s camera app is the best I’ve ever used, on any device. Aside from the typical Android snafu (moving between cameras), it’s just buttery, with the exception of the usual Android snafu (switching between cameras).

Even in 2022 when most Android devices are still struggling to improve their cameras, you’ll notice that there’s almost no loss of quality when moving from the main camera to the ultrawide, and the colour science appears to be well matched between the three sensors, so it won’t immediately, obviously appear that you have three different cameras. The Find X5 Pro’s results are outstanding, and the experience of shooting with it is, so far, the best I’ve had with any other camera I’ve used.


As you enter the Louvre, you’ll see the famous pyramid, which is now the museum’s main entrance, but you may be awed by the size of the older museum buildings around it. Either way is OK. We didn’t have time to wait in line to visit, but even simply going around the complex takes a long time. It’s simply so enormous.

With the Luxor Obelisk, the Arc de Triomphe, the Arc de Triomphe and the Grande Arch de la Defense all in a straight line adjacent to it, the Arc de Triomphe is one of Paris’ most prominent landmarks. All of these monuments are situated such that if you sit just so in the Louvre area, you can almost make them out “through” each other if that makes any sense. As a result, the sense of wonder has returned.

It was just a small upward climb to the Arc de Triomphe and its insane roundabout, which has no traffic markings or regulations for yielding, as I made my way towards the iconic Champs- Elysees in Paris. Despite the frequent cacophony of honks, and despite the fact that I was there for nearly 20 minutes, I saw no accidents. So, despite the system’s supposed lunacy, does it work? Read more here


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