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“LG IMS” Bug facing LG phones on T-Mobile to go offline


T-LG Mobile’s devices may have had a significant problem at the conclusion of the weekend. It was a backend modification that resulted in LG devices displaying a persistent error message that prevented “LG IMS” from connecting to cellular service. With only a few seconds to spare between error notifications, the one above remained visible even after being rejected.

image credits: gsmarena

This is a positive development, as the issue has been resolved. T-Mobile customers with LG smartphones who are encountering this issue should reset their handsets. If you don’t restart your device, you should be able to fix the problem the next day. One of TMo Report’s ‘reliable sources’ corroborated this.

T-Mobile made a change to its systems that affected LG devices connected to the carrier and caused the problem. LTE data and voice connections are handled by LG IMS, the programme that indicated the issue. Many of LG’s smartphones were temporarily unable to make phone calls or use their devices because of an issue with this component of LG’s firmware.


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