It’s back! T-Mobile US is bringing back the unlimited storage for Google Photos


After removing the initial quality storage that Pixel customers had access to, Google ceased giving unlimited picture backup last year. There is now a means to get it back, but it will only be accessible to T-Mobile customers in the United States.

On April 26, the $15-a-month plan will be accessible to everybody. Photos and movies may be stored in full quality on top of a 2-terabyte Google One membership ($10 per month from Google; $100 per year).

As a reminder, the primary account user will have unlimited storage, even if you’re on a family subscription. The 2 TB of storage may be shared by up to five individuals, though.


With this deal, you’ll receive all the normal Google One advantages, such as cloud backup, longer trials for Google services (including YouTube Premium and Stadia), a VPN for Android and iOS, and more. Up to five persons may benefit from these privileges at the same time. has additional information about the new plan if you’d want to learn more about it. T-Mobile now offers a 500 GB One tier for $5 a month if you don’t require as much storage (particularly for images). A 100 GB plan is $2 a month, while the next two are $3.50 a month and the highest plan is 2 TB for $10.

Google Fi customers, on the other hand, are not eligible for this offer, which implies that T-Mobile is paying for the additional storage.


Google’s first Pixel phone, released in 2016, promised “unlimited storage for life.” Google began imposing a three-year expiration period for the incentive with the Pixel 2 and 3. Starting with the Pixel 3a in May of this year, this was further reduced to a compressed, but still infinite, quality. Google will no longer provide an unlimited data plan for Pixel phones after the release of the Pixel 4a 5G and 5 in November 2020.

In June 2021, Google will no longer provide unlimited backups at the decreased quality of the Google Photos service. Each time you upload a new picture or video to your Google account, it will count against your 15GB of free storage. To explain this shift, Google blamed the “increasing demand for storage,” which it urged users to take advantage of by upgrading to Google One.

Customers of T-Mobile will be able to purchase a Google One plan with “2TB + Unlimited Google Photos” starting Friday, April 26th. Google didn’t have anything new to say regarding the potential expansion of the Unlimited Google Photos plan today.


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