Apple’s AR headset might be delayed until 2023


It seems, according to a fresh rumour from Jeff Pu, that Apple’s augmented reality headgear may be delayed even further, with a possible release date of just the beginning of next year. That’s not a massive delay, but it’s still not ideal. The most recent speculations had predicted a late-2022 release.

Due to a lack of inventory, Apple may have had supply chain issues and delayed the launch of its first AR gadget once again. Aiming for a first-year sales total of between 1 and 1.5 million is a tall order. Having such a little supply from the start will have a negative impact on the company’s first-ever headset of this kind.

Apple’s solution, which is expected to cost roughly $2,000, will be the first in the luxury market, despite the fact that AR and VR glasses aren’t new. This is another reason why the item will not be released in restricted numbers from the start.


Apple’s new headset, according to a rumour viewed by 9to5Mac, may be delayed somewhat in the first quarter of 2023. The analyst also expects Apple’s new headgear to sell between 1 million and 1.5 million units in its first year.

According to the source, Apple’s mixed reality headset will stand out from the crowd thanks to a custom-designed CPU. Sony, Will Semi, Sunny Optical, and other component vendors stand to gain from the device’s anticipated inclusion of more than ten sensors (including cameras).

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said earlier this year that Apple’s new headgear will be available in limited quantities by the end of 2022. While Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has said that it is unlikely that Microsoft would announce the headset at WWDC 2022, he believes the headgear will be released somewhere between autumn 2022 and summer 2019.


If Apple plans to debut and begin selling the gadget in early 2023 like the firm has done before with the Apple Watch and HomePod, this might be a possibility.

An “innovative three-display structure” with two Micro OLED screens and one AMOLED panel, as well as enhanced sensors for environment and gesture recognition, are expected in Apple’s next AR/VR headset. As much as $3,000 is possible for the design, which is based on AirPods Max and the Apple Watch.


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