Foldable iPhone recently rumored to feature color e-ink display


Apple might make a folding cover screen using e-ink technology.

(Image credit: #iOS Beta News/YouTube)

Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst, tweeted a cryptic hint that the illusive iPhone Flip could be powered by a similar technology to the Amazon Kindle.

For the folding iPhone cover screen and future iPad tablets, Apple has been experimenting with a colour electronic paper display (EPD), according to Kuo. There’s no way to know for sure if we’ll see this on future foldable Apple products, and Kuo hasn’t said anything about the validity of his claim. Nevertheless, the thought of employing e-ink on a foldable device is intriguing.


The high refresh rate and high resolution displays used by modern foldables are very different from an e-ink panel. Battery life would be significantly improved as a result. Just think about how long the best Kindles, which employ the same technology, can last on a single charge..

Even if a full-color e-ink display were used, it would still be slow and unappealing to look at. As long as Apple intended to use the Galaxy Z Flip 3’s smaller screen as the exterior display, this would make sense. It is possible to use the e-ink screen for notifications, static widgets, and so on, while keeping the standard foldable inner display as the primary method of operating the phone


Patents for Apple’s efforts have been unearthed on a semi-regular basis, despite the fact that the company has been quiet about any possible foldable initiatives. A 20-inch folding MacBook with an on-screen keyboard is the newest in addition to the foldable iPhone.

According to current estimates, the first foldable iPhone will be unveiled between 2019 and 2025. For now, we’ll have to wait and see if Apple is still experimenting with alternative display options for the foldable iPhone.


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