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Careful! Apple auto-renews subscriptions after price increases


You no longer have to opt-in following a price hike according to Apple’s rule change.

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New regulations in Apple’s App Store are bad news for everyone who has, or might in the future, a paid subscription. As a result of the new restrictions, developers can boost subscription prices and automatically renew them without your consent.

According to Apple, developers will be required to adhere to certain requirements as a result of this “auto-renewable subscription fee rise.” Prices that rise by more than 50% do not meet the criteria set forth in those terms. Increases in the price of weekly, monthly, and annual subscriptions are all limited to a $5 rise.


Overage subscriptions will not renew automatically, and users will be prompted to confirm their agreement before the prices are changed again. Once your subscription has expired, you’ll be unable to use the service again until it’s renewed.

If subscription costs are increased more than once a year, an opt-in will be prompted. Over the course of a few months, this should discourage shoddy apps from upping the price by a few cents each time.

However, this isn’t Apple’s first time announcing this change, and it hasn’t yet been made official. Developer Max Seeleman received a notice of a pricing adjustment at the end of March, as reported by TechCrunch, when the modification was still in the testing stages last month.

By e-mail, push notifications and in-app messages Apple says it will notify its customers of pricing increases. And based on Seeleman’s tweet, it appears that this message will be quite visible. Fortunately, you won’t be utterly stranded on renewal day if you pay heed to the cautions that pop up on your phone or other device.

As a result, even if you can check your subscription settings, it is more difficult than just refusing to sign up and having the membership expire.


Personally, I think Apple is being a jerk, especially in light of the recent spike in the cost of living. If anything, this is the time to tighten down on any hidden expenses and ensure that people are aware of every penny they will be required to pay.

Just keep an eye out for these notices, and make sure you don’t just throw them away without giving them a second thought; otherwise, your credit card bill will be a little heavier.


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