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iPhone 14’s selfie camera just tipped costs 3 times more than its predecessor’s


If a recent report out of Korea is to be trusted, the selfie camera on the iPhone 14 family could be one of the most significant new features this fall. Apple is rumoured to be considering LG Innotek and Sharp as suppliers of high-end selfie cameras for its next-generation iPhones.

(Image credit: Unbox Therapy)

There has never been a front-facing camera on an iPhone built by a Korean manufacturer before. Reportedly high-end components, not low-end ones like they were before, are the new norm for selfie cameras.

Innotek’s camera was originally intended for the iPhone 15, but Apple has recently accelerated the timeline. Chinese-made cameras have been found to have quality issues when undergoing quality testing. LG Innotek was hired in to replace the undisclosed Chinese producers for the iPhone 14 generation. According to today’s unsubstantiated rumour, which you should take with a good dose of salt because of the lack of confirmation.


In light of the foregoing, it’s past time for Apple to improve its selfie cameras. iPhone 14 models may have autofocus on their selfie cameras if this rumour is true. Because of this and other enhancements, the front camera on the iPhone 14 is now roughly three times as expensive as the camera on prior models.

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