How to watch Anupama online for free: stream the Indian drama from anywhere


Anupama, an Indian serial drama about a flawless housewife and her less-than-perfect day-to-day experiences, premiered in mid-2020 and quickly became a major hit. If you haven’t seen any of the hundreds of episodes yet, there’s still time to get up to speed.

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Anupama is one of the most popular Indian TV shows in the world, so it’s understandable that many people want to know where and how they can watch it for free. We’ll go over exactly how to make it happen in this article.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been glued to Anupama since its debut last year, and it seems we’re all enamoured with the titular figure. Anupama (Rupali Ganguly), a wife, mother, daughter, and daughter-in-law, speaks to everyone who has ever lived in an Indian family home, and we can’t get enough of her.



When: Every Monday-Saturday

Time: 10pm India Standard Time

Free stream: watch for FREE on Hotstar (India only)


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Anupama’s character goes against the traditional assumption that women are solely meant to stay at home, and we always pull for her as she seeks to break out of her hectic routine to find work and betterment.

Even yet, it isn’t always simple. It’s not uncommon for things to not go as planned for Anupama (played by Madalsa Sharma), despite the fact that antagonist Kavya (played by Madalsa Sharma) manipulates Vanraj.


Here’s how to watch Anupama for free, no matter where you are in the world.

How to watch Anupama from outside India

You can watch Anupama for free on Hotstar if you’re in India, but you’ll be unable to do so if you’re anywhere else in the world. It’s not possible to keep up with Anupama if you’re not in India.

Fortunately, a VPN may be downloaded for a quick fix. You can access your favourite on-demand services and premium entertainment no matter where you’re streaming from thanks to this handy piece of hardware.


Surfshark is the best VPN for accessing Hotstar, according to our experts. In addition to being fast, safe, and highly economical, it’s also extremely convenient. In addition, you may use it on a wide range of devices, including Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Xbox, PlayStation, iOS and Android apps, and many more.

Surfshark’s 30-day money back guarantee is what makes it so appealing. Even better, if you join up for two years, you’ll pay just $2.49 per month — a great deal for TV fans.

Select your nation of origin from the drop-down menu or enter its name manually, then click Connect. Finally, you can stream your favourite Indian shows no matter where you are, thanks to this service.


How to watch Anupama FREE in India

New episodes of Anupama air Monday through Saturday at 10 p.m. on Disney+ Hotstar, and you can also watch it on your TV via the StarPlus channel.

Hotstar VIP is required if you want to watch the latest episode as soon as it is released online. In any case, it’s not outrageously priced at Rs. 399 for a full year – and those who pay with a credit card will save an additional Rs. 395.

Every Anupama episode except the most recent is available for free on Hotstar if you don’t mind waiting a day.


Premium Indian TV series and live sports like cricket can be watched on Hotstar VIP. However, if you want access to Western shows, you’ll have to pay Rs. 299 a month or Rs. 1499 a year for Hotstar Premium.

In order to watch Anupama and other Hotstar content from outside of India, all you need is a strong VPN and the instructions above.

Anupama is available for free online viewing.


How to watch Anupama in the UK

To watch Anupama in the UK, simply join up for a Hotstar UK account. Hotstar UK, in contrast to its Indian counterpart, is a paid subscription service that costs £5.99 per month or £49.99 per year.

In addition to Indian sports and Hotstar original programming, you’ll get access to a slew of exclusive Indian content, including Anupama.

Even if you have a Hotstar account and are in the United Kingdom for work or vacation, you won’t be able to use it. However, if you use a VPN, you’ll be able to view your favourite shows from wherever you happen to be.


For less than £2 a month, we discovered Surfshark to be the most dependable way to watch Hotstar from abroad.

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How to watch Anupama in the US

If you live in the United States, you can watch Anupama right immediately if you join up for a year’s subscription to Hotstar for $49.99.


It’s a terrific way to stay up to date on the IPL and other Indian sports, as well as Indian information in a variety of local languages.

While in the US on business or vacation, you won’t be able to access all of your home country’s free and premium material, even if you pay for it.

A VPN, on the other hand, enables users to access their Hotstar accounts from their home countries. At just $2.49 per month, Surfshark is our top pick for accessing Hotstar. It’s also the most reliable service we’ve tested.


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