How to Fix Telegram Videos Not Play­ing on Win­dows PC

Hello, Guys welcome back here you will learn How to Fix Telegram Videos Not Play­ing on Win­dows PC. If the Telegram app is not working or opening on Windows 11/10, follow these troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue. There could be a variety of reasons why it isn’t working properly on your machine. Here are some of the most typical problems and their solutions to permanently resolve the issue.

How to Fix Telegram Videos Not Play­ing on Win­dows PC

Telegram allows you to exchange huge video files in Groups and Channels with a media upload size of up to 2GB. The issue arises when the downloaded Telegram videos do not play on the PC. Here’s how to solve Telegram videos that won’t play on your Windows 11 PC.

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Telegram provides a desktop client for Windows that you may use. However, it may not always function properly. There could be a variety of reasons why Telegram isn’t working or isn’t open on your computer. That is why you must implement these remedies in order to resolve this issue.

Why is Telegram Videos Not Play­ing on my laptop?

There could be various reasons why the Telegram app isn’t working on your laptop, but app compatibility is the most important one to look into. Aside from that, a corrupt system file on your computer can cause the same issue. You can use these techniques to resolve this issue whether you are using Windows 11 or 10.

Fix Telegram Videos Not Play­ing on Win­dows 11 PC

We’ve already discussed how to watch Telegram videos on iPhone that have been downloaded. This document is intended for Windows 11 PC and laptop users. Let’s get started without further ado.


First, let us show you how you can download Telegram videos without any problems on Windows 11 PC.

Step 1: Open Telegram on your PC or laptop.

Step 2: Go to a chat, group, or channel you want to download the video.

Step 3: Right-click on the video file and select Save As from the context menu.

Save telegram video fix telegram videos not playing on pc

Step 4: Select desired download location on the Windows 11 PC, and Telegram will start downloading the video.

You will see the Telegram video appearing in the File Manager, but it won’t open until it finishes the download process in the app.

Things to Keep in Mind While Downloading Videos in Telegram

  • Examine the video file size – if it’s too large, utilise a fast internet connection. Choose a 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection over a 2.4 GHz one.
  • Other download or streaming tasks in the background should be paused.
  • Don’t close the Telegram app completely. You can minimise the app and go about your business.

If you pause or cancel the download before it is finished, you will be left with a broken Telegram video file that will not open on PC.


The default media programme on Windows can play popular video formats like.mp4 with no problems.

On the PC, launch the File Manager software. Choose the video file that you wish to watch. Right-click it and select Open with menu > Films & TV app from the menu that appears.

Open telegram video with film fix telegram videos not playing on pc

The video will open in the Films & TV app and start playing.


The default video player does not support all file types. When you try to open some Telegram videos, you may encounter an error message in which the system prompts you to install the necessary HEVC codec files.

Download video codec fix telegram videos not playing on pc

Microsoft provides HEVC video extensions for Windows through the Microsoft Store. They are available for $0.99 and will be integrated with the video player.

Download HEVC video extension fix telegram videos not playing on pc

You can now go ahead and start playing Telegram videos.

Get HEVC Video Extensions


Do you still have problems with Telegram videos not playing on your Windows 11 computer? This can occur with a few video file formats, such as.mkv, which are not supported by the PC’s default video player.

If you downloaded a Telegram video in.mkv or another unsupported format, you must utilise a web-based third-party video player.

VLC is one of the most widely used and well-received video players for Windows. You may watch Telegram videos on your PC by using VLC.

On Windows, the VLC media player is now officially available via the Microsoft Store.

Step 1: Visit Microsoft Store on Windows and search for VLC.

Step 2: Find the app from suggestions and click Install.

Download VLC on PC fix telegram videos not playing on pc

Step 3: After successful installation, go to the File Manager and find the Telegram video.

Step 4: Right-click on it and select Open with from the context menu.

Step 5: Select VLC media player, and the app will start playing video as usual.

Open video with VLC fix telegram videos not playing on pc

If you are happy with the VLC experience on your Windows 11 PC, you may make the software the default video player for specific video files. This is how.

Step 1: Right-click on the video file and go to Open with menu.

Step 2: Select Choose another app.

Choose another app fix telegram videos not playing on pc

Step 3: Click on the VLC media player and enable ‘Always use this app to open specific file checkbox’.

Set VLC as default video player


On occasion, the group admin will submit a faulty video file to the site by accident. You can download it, but no matter what you do, the video will not play on the Windows 11 PC.

You can contact the admin of the group or Telegram channel and request that they validate the video file and re-upload it.

6. Try web version

Telegram app not working or opening on Windows 11/10

If nothing else works and you need to use Telegram right away, you can utilise the browser version. Telegram has a similar web interface as WhatsApp. To use the web version of Telegram, go to in your computer browser, input your phone number, enter the OTP, and begin using it right away.

7. Reinstall Telegram app

If there are any problems with the Telegram app’s system files, you will not be able to resolve them unless and until you totally remove them. It usually occurs after a malware, virus, or adware attack. If you’ve had similar problems in the past, it’s a good idea to uninstall the Telegram app and reinstall it from scratch. This app’s leftovers must be removed. You can accomplish this by using a software uninstaller such as Revo Uninstaller.


Because Telegram supports all file formats, you may end up downloading a file format that your PC does not support. You’ll need to install video codecs or use a third-party video player to play the file.

Which trick worked the best for you? Please share your findings in the comments section below.

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