New advertisements, Apple highlights the iPhone 13’s battery life and durability

Apple has released a pair of iPhone 13 commercials that showcase key characteristics like battery life and the robust Ceramic Shield front display.

New advertisements, Apple highlights the iPhone 13's battery life and durability

In the first spot, dubbed “Doin’ Laps,” a child mounts his iPhone 13 on his bike and rides around the neighbourhood filming a long video.

At the end of his five-hour drive, the iPhone is still filming and has not ran out of battery. “What will you do if you have even more battery life? Relax, it’s an iPhone “reads the ad’s video description

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In the second commercial, dubbed “Run Baby Run,” a toddler runs around with an iPhone 13, dropping it on the floor, banging it against various items, and dropping it in the sink. The iPhone appears unharmed, and the ad concludes with the phrase “Toddler-proofing It’s okay, it’s iPhone.”

The “Relax, it’s iPhone” series isn’t new, and Apple has previously used it to advertise Find My, the iPhone’s durability, and other capabilities. Apple has used the tagline “Relax, it’s iPhone” for both the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13.

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