Finally Zero Build in Fortnite brings streamers back to the game


Fortnite recently made a bold decision and eliminated one of most recognisable elements, dubbed Building, from the battle royale modes, naming this new version the Zero Build mode. The move worked significantly in favour of Epic Games, The Verge said.

Zero Build in Fortnite brings streamers back to game

Initially, some were not up for the concept.

“Initially, I loathed it and I was completely furious,” Michael “The Fierce Diva” Reynolds, a Facebook Gaming caster, said in an interview.


“Since I play the game so much, the way others would measure my talent is by how I construct and edit. However, my mobility and all that things, I’m not very good at it.”

A Twitter streamer, Ali SypherPK Hassan, stated, “I thought I was going to hate it. I thought maybe I would produce a couple of films about it and then shift back to the typical construction mode.”

Later, though, most individuals got their brains around the notion. Not only have the gamers gotten familiar with it, but many who had abandoned Fortnite have begun going back to it. A few instances are DrLupo, TimTheTatman, Nickmercs, and Tfue.


Reynolds even pointed out how the game had grown simpler to play. “It’s simple to roam about the map and collect up weapons too,” he remarked.

“I believe Fortnite is demonstrating the industry that it does not require constructing to be as fascinating as it previously was,” he continued.

Hassan noted that although while Building is what first made Fortnite great, the game has gone a long way with its partnerships with Marvel and DC.


Hassan further said that the viewership on the feeds remained unaltered. “My chat is really liking Zero Build and our viewership is besting even our previous spikes,” he remarked. “Fortnite with Zero Build may not be at its prior high, but it definitely seems like we’re going there.”

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