The Rise Of Jordan Poole In 2019: “He Smoked Me In Practice”


Klay Thompson has been gone from basketball for a long time. In any case, he returned to the Golden State Warriors this year after a lengthy layoff, and he was welcomed back with open arms. After Thompson’s injury in 2019, numerous players, including Kevin Durant, quit the club.

Credit: Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

Last season, the Warriors were able to test how many of their younger players could compete at the top level when it mattered most. Jordan Poole, who made his playoff debut with a 30-point performance against the Denver Nuggets, has been the team’s most consistent player over the last three seasons.

As Thompson acknowledged in a 2019 interview conducted during Poole’s first season with the squad, this aspect of Poole was always going to emerge.


This is Poole’s best season yet and he’s already established himself as one of the team’s most reliable backup scorers. Over the previous several NBA games, when Steph Curry was unable to play due to an injury, he demonstrated that he can still be highly dangerous.

Prior to this season, Thompson had been heavily active with the Warriors’ organisation throughout his two injury-plagued seasons. Poole and the rest of the team have always been kind to Klay, who is widely regarded as one of the NBA’s most adored figures.


His worth to the Warriors will only rise after he guided them to a victory over the Denver Nuggets in their playoff series. Only time will tell how much of his talent Poole can display while while helping his team win games. When their stars retire, GSW will have a new player to build around, and hopefully, he will continue to improve.

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