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Apple email adds Gmail features. What’s new?


Gmail-like capabilities are being added to Apple’s own Mail programme. The Cupertino giant’s own email app could become a lot more comparable to the widely used Gmail as a result of this shift.

Coming Soon: Gmail Feature Expansion in Apple’s Mail App

Gmail-like features are reportedly being integrated into Apple’s own Mail apps, according to a report from The Verge. Apple’s email app might be more similar to Google’s email app in terms of user experience.

SMS and email have been around for a long time, and while physical letters are losing their power, emails have been able to retain their hold for professional, personal, and other commercial reasons.


A ‘Unsend’ Button Is Coming to Apple’s Email App.

However, because to its interaction with Google Drive, Gmail receives a lot of attention when it comes to emails. In addition to sending emails, users can also send them with files attached from Google Drive and use other Google ecosystem tools.

Apple Mail had a problem in the past because it didn’t have a “unsend” option. If an email was sent, even though it wasn’t finished, users were left with little choice except to apologise because of this.

What are the advantages of using the Unsend feature?

The unsend tool given by Gmail was designed to help users avoid sending embarrassing emails. After selecting the send button, users will be able to call back the email within ten seconds.


If used in a business situation, this capability might be quite helpful in eliminating typos and other mistakes from emails before they are sent. Apple’s Mail app now has the ability to undo previously sent messages, allowing users to take advantage of this capability on the go.

Apple’s Mail App Will Get More Gmail Functionality Soon.

Other than this, Apple is implementing a tool that helps customers remember crucial emails. The “remind me” option in Gmail allows users to be reminded of critical emails.

An email scheduling tool will also be included in the new version of Apple’s iCloud service. In addition to Gmail users, iOS Mail users will be able to benefit from this capability.


Additionally, Apple is introducing a function that would notify users when a file or attachment appears to be missing. The smart reminder is designed to assist reduce the number of emails that are either missing attachments or are still unfinished.

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