You can accelerate your Tesla Model Y delivery


Giga Texas residents who want to buy a Model Y may be able to avoid the line.

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Right now, the Tesla wait times are out of control. This is especially true if you’re hoping to get your hands on a Tesla Type Y, which, depending on the model, may take up to a year to arrive. It’s possible to shorten that wait, but only if you reside close to Tesla’s Giga Texas factory in the United States.

This is Tesla’s entry-level luxury SUV. Even while the Model 3 is more expensive than the larger Tesla Model X, it is still a significant savings.


To those who reside near the factory in Austin, Texas, Tesla has started sending emails, according to a number of reports. When it comes to new Model Ys from the manufacturer, they’re apparently eager to deliver swiftly, but only if customers either change their original purchase or choose an inventory model.

Twitter user @mmsganesh tweeted screenshots of the email on the social network, offering the opportunity to speed up their delivery on the social media platform.. As if that wasn’t interesting enough, Tesla appears to be offering one automobile that you can’t order on its website—a standard-range Model Y.

Rumors of a new standard range Model Y surfaced a few weeks ago during the Giga Texas ‘Cyber Rodeo’ event. According to previous rumour, it appears that Tesla is now selling the Model Y to locals who are interested in owning one.


Because they are assembled in Gigas, Texas, these vehicles are the first to include Tesla’s new 4860 battery packs. For the 4860 batteries, Tesla claims to have developed a new type of cell that will increase power and energy capacity by five times while simultaneously lowering the overall cost.

Tesla’s decision to reintroduce the Model Y with a standard range is most likely due to the increased range provided by the new batteries. It was cancelled shortly after Elon Musk proclaimed anything less than a 250-mile range to be “unacceptably low” for the previous iteration, which was rear-wheel drive.

If you have a 20-inch set of wheels, this all-wheel drive vehicle can go up to 135mph and 0-60 in about 5 seconds, according to the email. The three vehicles given to Ganesh range in price from $60,990 to $61,990 and have been driven a limited number of miles. As a result, they should be able to fulfil orders rapidly.


A 318-mile range and a top speed of 135 miles per hour are both standard on the Long Range Model Y, which starts at $62,990 and is presently available for purchase on the Tesla website. The earliest this model will be available is in November, and you’ll need to fork up at least $1,000 to get it.

If you’re looking for something that can go from zero to 60 in less than three seconds and has more than 300 miles of range on the highway, you’ll be happy to know that this model costs $67,990. This model is expected to arrive in July at the earliest.

Is this offer going to be taken up by many people? The ordinary range models aren’t all that much less expensive, but they’re also not all that much better than the other two. When compared to a Long Range Model Y, you’re losing 51-61 miles of range, and 24-34 miles of range when compared to the Performance model. Because the new regular range model lacks speed and acceleration, many customers may have purchased the Performance model instead.


Purchasing an inventory model means that users cannot pick and choose whatever add-ons they want to include in their order. Is red the only colour you can get for your car? Tough.

In the meantime, those who live in Austin and are keen to get their hands on a Tesla Model Y soon may be able to avoid the wait.


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