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Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro tipped in July with the Xiaomi 12 Ultra


The Mi Band 7 was unveiled by Xiaomi last week, and one of the new features is a bigger display with 25% more visible surface. Always-on mode is also available. Built-in GPS was one of the rumoured upgrades that didn’t come to fruition.. The AOD mode, a bigger display, and GPS were already included in the Redmi Smart Band Pro.

Is the Redmi band something you should buy? Try to be patient. According to a leak, Xiaomi will introduce the Mi Band 7 Pro at the same time as the Xiaomi 12 Ultra. An early version of the Mi Band 7 was also released via the Mi Door Lock app.

The “Pro” version of the band hasn’t been mentioned in any of the leaks thus far. But it’s likely to have a larger display, GPS, and a larger battery to power it all (perhaps not that much bigger, the Redmi band has a 200mAh battery, the Mi Band 7 has a 180mAh battery).


The Xiaomi 12 Ultra, the first product to come out of Xiaomi’s relationship with Leica, will be presented in July. Another question is how long it takes for the product to be released in China before it reaches the rest of the world (Xiaomi is yet to announce a global rollout for the Mi Band 7).

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