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Samsung ends LCD production six months early


Six months earlier than originally planned for the closure of Samsung Display’s LCD manufacturing operations. According to industry sources, Samsung Group was looking to minimise losses because to the intense competition.

As a result, Samsung Display will shift its workforce to the QD division, where it plans to manufacture OLED and QD (quantum-dot) panels.

According to Display Supply Chain Consultants, the LCD pricing has dropped by 36.6 percent since its peak manufacturing period in January 2014. BOE and AU Optronics have joined the struggle to cut prices for customers, in no little part because of their willingness to compete.


With the launch of COVID-19 and the necessity for low-cost devices for home entertainment (including low-cost smartphones and tablets), Samsung has chosen to delay the closure of its LCD business until at least 2020.

So far, we don’t know anything about the company’s investment plan or representatives’ availability. We’ll know more at the end of July when the second quarter’s earnings reports are out.


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