Xbox Design Lab returns with fresh customization options


You can get your hands on the Pride controller if you’d like.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

For the first time in a long time, Microsoft’s official Xbox Design Lab has reopened. In addition to a new look and 11 more countries of availability, the site’s relaunch delivers a slew of new colour options and the amazing Pride livery.

Custom Xbox Series X|S controllers may be created, customised, and ordered through the Xbox Design Lab. Various colour schemes, as well as premium options like engravings, rubberized grips, and metallic finishes, are all available for customising the controller.


The Xbox Design Lab offers custom controllers starting at $69.99 / £59.99 / AU$99.95. However, if you add a lot of frills to your design, the price rises higher. With live previews, you can see precisely what your completed creation will look like at the Xbox Design Lab website (opens in new tab) (thanks, Windows Central).

When it comes to Xbox Design Lab, what are the most recent additions

Xbox Design Lab has returned with a slew of new colour schemes. You may choose from a variety of new camo and pastel colours in addition to the Pride controller livery that was introduced earlier this month.


Microsoft has stated that it will donate up to $170,000(opens in new tab) to LGBT non-profit groups across the world by charging an additional fee for the Pride livery.

It has already been introduced in 11 other countries, with Taiwan support coming later this year. Xbox Design Lab is now accessible in the following countries:

If you want a custom Xbox Wireless Controller, you should consider using the Xbox Design Lab, which is more expensive than buying a regular controller. For those seeking for a new controller for themselves or a present, the service is an excellent alternative.


Additionally, if you want a nicer controller but can’t afford a premium pad like the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 or good third-party pads like the Scuf Instinct, this is a more cost-effective solution. If you’re more concerned with the looks of your accessories than with complex features like configurable back paddles, you may get more for your money with a controller like this.

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