watchOS 9 — what it tells us about Apple Watch 8 rumours


The watchOS 9 beta may contain three hints regarding the next Apple Watch.

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WatchOS 9 for Apple Watch has given us a glimpse of what the new software will look like on Apple’s future wearable. WatchOS 9 may potentially give us a glimpse of what the Apple Watch Series 8 has in store.

Despite the fact that there have been a few Apple Watch 8 speculations, there has been no indication of what will be different from the Apple Watch 7. We won’t know for sure until its rumoured arrival in the fall of this year if it has a fresh design, more health sensors, or will debut with other versions.


We can get a sense of Apple’s ambitions for wearable computing and how it aims to improve the best smartwatch using watchOS 9, which is now available on the Apple Watch. We made some informed assumptions regarding the Apple Watch 8 based on what we know about watchOS 9 compatible devices and the most important watchOS 9 features.

1. New health and fitness-tracking sensors

A number of new watchOS 9 features are designed to enhance the Apple Watch’s ability to measure physical activity and health. Despite being one of the top running watches, the Apple Watch appears to be better positioned to compete with Garmin fitness trackers that include additional measures for runners. For triathlon training, there’s a new Multisport programme type, as well as better swimming statistics.

(Image credit: Apple via YouTube)

It’s possible that the Apple Watch 8 may include an improved heart rate sensor that can be used to take advantage of the inclusion of heart rate zones during workouts. Alternatively, a new body temperature sensor for the Apple Watch 8 might improve overall health monitoring. WatchOS 9 also introduces sleep phases, which may be influenced by changes in skin temperature while you’re asleep.


2. More senior-friendly features and accessibility tools

Individuals with chronic medical issues, elderly people, and people with disabilities are increasingly finding Apple Watches to be beneficial tools. Even if you have health insurance, you can obtain an Apple Watch for free. As a fitness tracker, the Apple Watch may be used for everything from tracking your workouts to notifying emergency personnel in the event of a fall.

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Prescriptions and other drugs may now be tracked with the Medications app in watchOS 9 (and iOS 16). With Health Sharing, a trusted family member or friend may also keep an eye on this information. Not only that, but watchOS 9 includes new gestures for controlling your Apple Watch and the possibility to use iPhone assistive features like Voice Control and Switch Control to operate your Apple Watch as well

We wouldn’t be shocked if Apple Watch 8 included more senior-friendly features and accessibility capabilities, given how important age and accessibility inclusion is to the Apple Watch.


3. Multiple models — Apple Watch SE 2, Rugged Apple Watch

This year’s rumoured various Apple Watch models might be a reality thanks to watchOS 9’s unique features. This means that the Apple Watch 8 may not be the only new wearable from the company to be released shortly.

Perhaps a tough version of the Apple Watch 8 that caters to outdoor sports aficionados would be best equipped with advanced running and swimming metrics? What determines if it’s one of the greatest sports wristwatches is the battery life and GPS capabilities. In the spring of 2021, reports began to circulate about a “Rugged” Apple Watch.

Now that we know the Apple Watch Series 3 isn’t on the list of watchOS 9 supported devices, we could see the Apple Watch SE 2, a successor to the Apple Watch SE. This year, it would be a good idea to provide a less expensive alternative to the Apple Watch 8.


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