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watchOS 9 — Upcoming Apple Watch upgrades


WatchOS 9 for Apple Watch: What We Know So Far

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We expect watchOS 9 to be the next significant software upgrade for the Apple Watch, which will be available on the rumoured Apple Watch 8 as well as on current variants of the Apple Watch. Following WWDC 2022 on June 6, we should expect to see a lot more watchOS 9 information.

The features we’d want to see on the finest Apple Watch models that are eligible for watchOS 9 have already been compiled into a wish list. A new Mindfulness app and support for multiple timers in watchOS 8 boosted Apple’s mental health initiatives, but there’s still room for improvement.


At the annual Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple showcases the latest version of its watchOS software. We predict watchOS 9 to be shown off at the WWDC 2022, which takes place on June 6, alongside iOS 16, new MacBook software, and more.

Here’s everything we know so far about watchOS 9 and what it means for current Apple Watch owners, as well as the additions we’d like to see come to fruition. Keep an eye on our WWDC live stream guide so you can catch all the announcements as soon as they happen.

watchOS 9 possible release date and beta

The release date for watchOS 9 has not yet been confirmed, although it is expected to be announced on June 6. (unless Apple throws us a curveball.) New watchOS versions are normally released at the same time as Apple’s new smartwatch is unveiled in the fall.


Beta versions of watchOS 9 are expected to be made accessible to both developers and the general public before the final product is released. The public version normally comes out in the middle of the summer, around the time of WWDC. As a point of reference, on July 1, 2021, the first public beta of watchOS 8 was released.

watchOS 9 compatibility

We don’t know if Apple will extend watchOS 9 compatibility to all of the Apple Watch models currently on the market. At the very least, watchOS 9 will be available for the Apple Watch 7 and the Apple Watch SE. The Apple Watch 3 is still available through Apple, but we’re not sure if it’ll work with it. In 2022, there’s a report that the Apple Watch 3 will be phased out.

Additionally, watchOS 9 should be available for the Apple Watch 4, the Apple Watch 5, and the Apple Watch 6. The new watchOS will be available for free download and installation, as it has been in the past. Updates to Apple software are free.


watchOS 9 watch faces

For the first time in years, Apple has not unveiled new watch faces at WWDC. Many more watch faces are on the way, including photo faces, complications-packed watches, and even ones that let you show off your own individuality.

New ways of sharing or customising watch faces could be announced by Apple at the very least You can already share your watch face with pals, but third-party apps may be able to create watch faces that can be more easily shared.

According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, watchOS 9 will include new or redesigned watch faces for the Apple Watch.


watchOS 9 health tracking features

WatchOS 9 is expected to bring a few additional health tracking capabilities, such as sleep tracking, mental health tracking, physical activity tracking, or health tracking for women. This year, Apple has paid particular attention to the last group, releasing findings from the Women’s Health Study on PCOS and introducing a new post-pregnancy workout collection on Apple Fitness Plus..

Additional features in the works include sleep tracking, workout styles, and a new approach to track medication, according to Mark Gurman. Having your medication reminders or a way to “mark off” when you’ve taken them on your Apple Watch would be useful.

What we’re hoping for in watchOS 9

With the latest watchOS 9 software, if you already know how to use the Apple Watch, you shouldn’t notice any difference. What are the new watchOS 9 features we can expect? If Apple’s previous updates are any indication, we should expect health and fitness enhancements.


More HomeKit, Apple Wallet, and Apple Fitness Plus connections are almost certainly on the way for Apple Watch in the future. The upcoming watchOS 9 software may also include a new Apple Watch app.

The absence of a health app is particularly glaring on the Apple Watch, which is now devoid of any such feature. Using the Health app on your iPhone, you can monitor everything from how well you sleep to how much exercise you do each day. A similar dashboard on your wrist would make sense because your Apple Watch collects a significant portion of this data. Currently, you can monitor the patterns in your sleep, heart rate, and activity all in their own applications, but this is about to change. Why not integrate them into a single location?

In addition to the Health app, we’d want to see a native Notes app for the Apple Watch. Apple Watch Notes should be able to sync over iCloud with your iPhone’s Notes app. Having a Notes app would free you from having to rely on your iPhone to keep track of your grocery list, make a to-do list, or scribble down a creative idea. Similar to this, your wrist might serve as a convenient way to access notes you’ve previously taken on your iPhone. For note-taking, you can utilise one of the top Apple Watch applications, but a native version would be better since the Apple Watch 7 features a QWERTY keyboard.


The inclusion of a full QWERTY keyboard to additional Apple Watch models is one of the most significant differences between the Apple Watch 7 and the Apple Watch 6. The new Apple Watch 7 sizes have a great keyboard for texting, but it’s only compatible with them. If the keyboard can be added to previous Apple Watch models, more people would be able to enjoy the convenience of typing on their wrists.

In addition to tracking your daily activities, the Apple Watch rings also serve as useful recovery tools. If your sleep data or other health metrics are available, we’d like the Apple Watch to let you take a break every now and again without affecting your streaks. In order to get the most out of your workout, it’s crucial to take breaks.

Bookmark this page to stay up to date on the newest watchOS 9 rumours before the software’s formal announcement. iPad OS 16 and macOS 13 are also on the way, as is tvOS 16 if it happens.


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